Non-slip Socks Using Inner Tube

Introduction: Non-slip Socks Using Inner Tube

Everyone who has a smooth floor has slipped while in socks. If you make this you can stop this, and also stop some rubber from going to a landfill, where it will take the rubber hundreds of years to decompose.

Step 1: Gather Matterials

You will need:

Inner tube




Step 2: Cut the Tube

Cut the valve off the tube. Cut the tune in half. Cut it again the long way to turn it into a strip.

Step 3: Clean the Tube

There may be white powder on the inside of the tube. If o wash it off and dry off the tube.

Step 4: Measure

You should cut a piece of the strip to match the length of the sock.

Step 5: Preparing the Neadle

Thread the thread through the needle. Cut the string at 4 to 5 ft.(depending on how big the sock is). Take the two ends and tie a large knot.

Step 6: Sewing Time

Sew through the tube and the sock. Go back through a bit further ahead. Go back a little bit. Repeat this until you get to the end.

Step 7: Finishing It

Tie a big knot at the end, and cut off the excess.

Step 8: What Is Should Look Like

The picture above show what your sock should look like.

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