Introduction: Nunchuck/Nunchaku Tricks for Dummies

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You just made a pair of really cool nunchucks!  Uh... how do you learn to use them?  Why, you come to this instructable of course!  After looking around this site I discovered that there were no basic chuck tutorials.  Once I found this out, I decided to write one. 

Step 1: The Grip

The grip is very important.  It gives you control over the nunchucks.  Hold the handle about one thumb length from the top.  You should always hold the chucks here. 

Step 2: The Figure 8 Swing

Hold at the place I told you to hold and swing it in a sideways figure 8 shape.  Don't clonk yourself on the head.  Look to the complex diagram below for help.

Step 3: From the Swing to the Arm Catch

Continue swinging with the figure 8 swing.  When you get to the point where you're about to swing back up on your strong side, swing the other handle up to the peak and twist your wrist to bring the handle into your armpit.  Like most things, it is simple to do but hard to explain.  Look to the movie for help.

Step 4: Flick Out of Arm Catch

Once you get the arm catch, you can move on to this step.  Catch the handle under your arm.  From there flick the handle out and around by twisting your wrist.  Catch the handle again.  Again, there is a video.

Step 5: Over the Shoulder and Around

This is one of the easist to learn but is harder to master.  Place your weak hand across your body and then swing the nunchucks over your shoulder.  Catch the handle being swung with your weak hand.  Then pull the rest through and swing over your other shoulder and catch with your strong hand.  Pull through and start again.

Step 6: Check Back Later

Stop by once in a while, as I'll be adding new tricks as I learn them.  Practice your tricks as often as you can. Try doing them left-handed.  Just don't hit yourself!