Introduction: Nutella Glass Table Light

This quick and easy craft will add a touch of glamour to any table. The best thing about it is you get to eat the Nutella first!

Step 1: You Will Need...

- A Nutella jar: The small ones that are often used as regular drinking glasses afterwards.

- Nutella jar lid: If possible, save this as it will help you create a neat finish.

- Sticker shapes: the design is unimportant, but the shape should match the theme or mood you wish to create.

- Metallic spray paint: Gold and silver are popular choices but there are other metallic colours available.

- Craft jewels: Optional, but will add extra sparkle.

- Super Glue: To attach the jewels.

- A tea light: To light when finished.

Step 2: Add the Stickers.

Make sure the jar is completely clean and free from grease or dust. Add the stickers to the outside of the jar. you can stick them randomly or in a specific pattern. Make sure they are pressed down firmly and that no air is trapped underneith or at the sides. When you are happy replace the lid on the jar and place it upside down on a protected surface.

Step 3: Paint It.

Make sure you are outside or that the room you are in is well ventilated, and that surfaces are covered. Always follow the instructions on the spray paint can. Carefully paint the outside of the glass including over the stickers. It is best to build up layers slowly, letting it dry between coats to avoid the paint running or dripping. Continue until the jar is completely covered. Leave the jar until the paint is completely dry.

Step 4: Remove the Stickers.

Carefully peel all of the stickers off the jar. You may need to use a pin or tweezers to help lift the edges without damaging the paint.

Step 5: Add Some Extra Sparkle.

This step is optional. You may wish to add some craft jems to the jar. these can be attached with super glue.

Carefully remove the lid from the jar and discard it. Your table light is now complete. A tea light candle is ideal to use with this decoration.

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