Introduction: Oats Dosa

-Whenever we are craving to have dosa we can prepare this oats dosa as it doesnt require any fermentation.

-It is spongy and tasty too.


-one cup oats

-Half cup semolina

-Half cup rice flour

-2 to 3 finely chopped green chillies

-one finely chopped onion

-Few curry leaves

-1/4tsp red chilli powder

-salt as per taste

-2 and half to 3 cups water

-Any cooking oil

Step 1: Blending

-First step is to blend oats. Take cup of oats in blender and blend to fine powder.

Step 2: Add Remaining Flours

-Now transfer the blended oats powder to mixing bowl and to it add half cup semolina

Step 3: Add Rice Flour

-After adding semolina add half cup rice flour and mix.

Step 4: Keep Ready With All Ingredients

-Finely chop grren chillies and onions .You can use fresh curry leaves or dried one

Step 5: Adding Ingredients

-Add chopped green chillies,onions .crush the curry leaves if using dried one and add all of them to mixed flours.

Step 6: Add Spices

-Add 1/4tsp of red chilli powder and salt as per taste

Step 7: Add Water

-Now add water and mix everything. We need almost 3 cups of water.

-Batter should be flowy type as we pour the batter on pan and we wont use any laddle for spreading .

Step 8: Prepare Dosa

-Grease the pan,heat it and keep ready.

-Take the batter in small cup or glass and pour it on pan to form round shape. Do not spread with laddle. (batter is flowy type)

--Add oil around the edges and cook till edges are loosened little bit.

Step 9: Flip and Cook on Other Side

-Once one side turns golden brown color flip and cook on other side too

Step 10: Serve Hot

-serve hot with some chutney or curd

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