Obstacle Course

Introduction: Obstacle Course

This is a simple obstacle course you can make with everyday household items such as, couch/sofa cushions, a beam, pole, or even just some wood,but remember this whole site is about being creative and sharing your ideas, so that means you can change the obstacles and cater them to your needs. Time yourself to see how fast you can finish the whole thing or if you are having too much fun feel free to stay in any one as long as you want or go again and again going for the perfect time.


Couch cushions



tape (painters)

Step 1: Laser Maze

With streamers, a hallway and a little bit of tape, you can make your very own laser maze, extra points for new original ways to cross. This is a super fun activity with varying levels of intensity based on how you set it up to your liking, and is also very entertaining for both children and adults.

Step 2: Cushion Jump

The aim of the game here is to cross as quickly as possible and then go back to finish the rest of the obstacle course. This one is almost too easy to set up and is so much fun, you don't have to use cushions either if you don't want to any soft small item that you can hop onto will do. This obstacle also can be made hard or easy based on how you set it up, most of these obstacles are.

Step 3: Dance Floor

All you need for this is painters tape and a tune, outline a square on the ground and decorate to your desire (or not) then, set your music and get ready to boogie,you may want to stay longer than the time you have . This one is very simple and very fun all you have to do is dance for one minute and its such a fun addition to the course. Its also a great source of exercise because you are moving your whole body and its so fun you won't even realize how many calories you are burning.

Step 4: Army Crawl

Pretend you are in the army and crawl under the strings like a soldier, but don't forget to be fast. All you need is some string and tape, make sure it's not too high or too low.

Step 5: Tight "rope" Cross

It may not be a tight rope but it is just as challenging. Grab any pole and lay it on the ground, and with that setup is done. All you have to do is cross it without touching the floor (which is a lot harder than it seems) Make sure to cross fast because this obstacle course is timed and the prize is yours to choose.

Step 6: Finish!

Now that your done you can not only, have fun, be creative but also burn calories while doing it! I hope that you liked this project and that you try it out, remember thought if you cant do all of these or if you have other ideas, then feel free to cater this project to your needs.

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