Introduction: Ocean Secret - Miniature Bottle Tutorial

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A simple Miniature Bottle Tutorial, and a bonus at the end!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Okay, what you're going to need:
- Vial with a cork
- Fine white glitter (optional)
- Eyepin
- Key bead
- Assorted seed beads in Ocean colors (blue, green, teal)
- chain nose pliers
- jewelry wire cutters
- tacky glue

Step 2: Attach the Key

First, open the Eyepin with the chain nose pliers. To do so, simply position your pliers on the wire and then turn them out. (Do NOT pull the wire out, it is important that you twist sideways!)
Once the head is open, slip on the key bead.
To close the wire, twist the wire back carefully.

Step 3: Still Attaching the Key!

Now that you have your key attached to the wire, you need to put it in the cork top. To do that, cut the wire pin in half with your wire cutters to work easier. Then, compare the sizes of the wire and the cork top, and cut the wire a bit shorter than the length of the cork.

Step 4: Almost Done With That Key!

Alright! All you have left to do with that key is to put a very small dot of Clear Tacky Glue on the underside of the cork. (The underside is where you will push the wire in.)
After applying the glue, carefully push in the wire ontop of the glue dot. This way, the glue will be pushed inside with the wire, and it will hold better.

Step 5: Whew!

Got that key in, now you're almost done!

Step 6: Seed Bead Time!

Add some seed beads in Ocean-y colors! I also added a small blue pearl. I filled up the Vial with Seed Beads to about 1/3 of the way.

Step 7: Put It Together!

It's done! Yay! I added a bit of glitter for a sandy look, but that is entirely up to you!

Step 8: Bonus!!

Since I never added glue around the cork to secure it into the vial, it can be opened still! Using that to my (and your) advantage, you can refill your Vial at any time with any other colors! I used pinks here, to use it for Valentines day. I hope you like this idea and use it! I really enjoyed making this one.