Introduction: Ocean Waves in a Bottle (Video)

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In this project I'm going to show you how to make your own ocean in a bottle using some household supplies.

If you don't prefer to read, you can skip it and watch the video instead where I have explained all the steps in detail. If you do, then continue reading the written steps along with pictures in the following steps. Find out more similar projects and gadget reviews on my YouTube channel

This is what you'll need

1. A clear glass or plastic bottle

2. A measuring cup + Water

3. Clear baby oil or hair oil.

4. Blue food coloring

5. Funnel (Optional)

6. Dropper (Optional)

Step 1: Get Started

1. Fill you bottle with half or a little more than half of water.(This is a 500ml bottle so I decided to pour in 275ml water)

2. Add a couple drops of blue food coloring. You can do more or less depending on your bottle.

3. Mix it well.

Step 2: Final Step

1. Place your funnel on the bottle opening.

2. Tilt the bottle slightly and pour in the oil.

3. Fill the bottle completely to the top with oil so there are no air bubbles remaining.

4. Let it sit for a while so the little oil bubbles in the center dissapear.

Step 3: Your Ocean Is Ready

Your ocean in the bottle is now ready.

Just tilt it horizontally and rock it from side to side like a sea saw. You will be able to see the waves move from side to side like watching a real wave in slow motion.

It makes for a really great desktop stress reliever or you can throw in some plastic aquatic figurines to make it a kids toy. ( I would use a plastic bottle in that case.)

I hope you like this project and let me know if you try it out. Don't forget to share it with your friends and family.
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