Introduction: Octopus Hat

In this project you will be making a fun octopus hat out of a paper bag! This project can be completed by individuals 5 to 500, and makes for a silly rainy-day activity, a creative birthday present, or even a rushed wedding gift.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project, you will need:

(1) size 12 paper bag

(1) marker or pen

(1) pair of scissors

(2) googly eyes

(1) glue stick

(1) ruler

Step 2: Marking the Tentacles

Using your ruler, make a small mark at the center of the bag (3.5 inches).

In addition, make 2 marks 1.5 inches from the left and right edges.

They mark where we'll cut the tentacles.

Step 3: Extend the Marks

Using your ruler again, extend the marks down to the bottom of the bag, and up to the bottom edge of the flap.

Step 4: Cut the Tentacles

Using your scissors, cut along the black lines. Cut from the bottom of the bag to the bottom edge of the flap.

Step 5: Add Eyes

Lift the flap up and use your glue stick to glue the googly eyes onto the bag as pictured.

Step 6: Cut the Corner Tentacles

Open your bag up by putting your hand inside. Cut along the edge of the corner to make 2 tentacles.

Step 7: Curl Your Tentacles

For younger children, wrap the tentacles around the marker to give them a curl.

For older children, use the scissors as picture and run them along the tentacle to give them a curl.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Hat!

Wear your sweet octopus hat and tell your friends how you caught it with your bare hands.