Introduction: Octopus Hat (Simple)

Oh wow, are you thinking you've suddenly warped into an alternate reality because you're seeing a different Instructable for an octopus hat? Well calm yourself, because this is indeed a case of deja vu. The other Instructable was a bit too complex, in that it required measuring and marking. This octopus hat will be made a bit more free style.

Step 1: Gather Materials

So this octopus hat uses most of the same materials as the other octopus hat. For this one, you won't need a ruler or a marker though.

Step 2: Glue Eyes

Use your glue stick to glue two eyes onto your bag, on the side without the flap on it.

Step 3: Cut Tentacles

Now you're going to cut some tentacles. I like to start with a cut down the middle, and then two more cuts. You should be cutting through the entire bag. If a strip is more than an inch wide, it'll be hard to curl, so you should cut it in half again.

Step 4: Cut Corners

After cutting the tentacles on the front, pop open your bag. The corners of the bag are still attached, so cut those as pictures to make two more tentacles. Also, if any of the tentacles on the side are more than an inch wide, you should cut them in half to make them easier to curl.

Step 5: Curl Tentacles

So you might need an adult to do this for you. I know I had to ask for help. Parents: Curl the strips of paper just as you would curl ribbon. It works the same way.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Hat1

Boom, you got yourself an octopus hat that was considerably easier to make than the other one.