Introduction: Oil Projector Machine

I'm not the best in English, apologize if I fail in my speech.

what you need:

- 4x 15cm circled acrylic glass  (3 mm thick, other sizes will probably also work)
- Acryl glue
- wood ( I took laminate)
- screw and plate
- Lens system or somthing like a lens to projekt (i took an old slide projector)
- Paraffin water and printer ink
- leather for covering the edges
- 10W LED + cooler and  5-9V trafo
- 1 rpm motor (220V)
-  threaded rod
-  switches

And last...strong nerves!!

Step 1: Glue the Two Acrylic Circles

Put both discs together, glue them and leave about a 1 mm gap between. I used a piece of plastic.
Leave a gap to take in liquid.

Step 2: Select Correct Fluids

I have tried a lot, it was best with paraffin and colored water.
Best 3/4 oil and 1/4 colored water.
you can mix any color you want.
- Close the opening with a soldering iron.

!!!this is done twice and both mixtures are welded together!!! (Picture in step 5)

Step 3: Lens Selection

Now turn the LED on and put the lens of the slide projector and calibrate the objektiv, that you get a good picture on the wall.
You can also use only one lens but I've simply taken the two originals.

Step 4: Mounting

Next step: mounting the components on a fixed plate. (e.g. on a laminate plate)

I have welded a screw on the middle of the disc, to mount it on the engine.

Step 5: Test

I have only choose a 8V transformer for the LED, it is not so bright like 12V but that way you don't need a fan to cool.

Step 6: Case

Step 7: Completion

I wanted to make it without a fan but I safely install a fan, because some heat formed by the engine and the led.

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