Old Knife Restoration (Step by Step)




Introduction: Old Knife Restoration (Step by Step)

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What ?

Restoration of old knife - cleaver.

Why ?
Becaouse it is shame, that somebody threw away such good knife, because we all should be more carefull deciding what is trash and what could be repairde, because it is good to make something from nothing/from trash and because it could be great feeling cuting meat with self restored knife

What woudl be needed:

One rusty knife ;-)

sandpapers (from 80 to 400)

drill or rotary sander


Step 1: Get Rid of Rust

First You need to get rid of rust. This could be done as on the picture with grinder or with vinegar. Just put the knife into vinegar for a night and the rust should be gone but then.. You still need to grind/sand the knife to get rid of bumpy holes made by rust :(

So I decided to use just grinder.

Step 2: Polishing

After first grinding You will get rust free surface but not very smooth. Now You need to sand the knife.

I use for this drill with sandpapers from 80 to 400.


Overheated knife could get soften and will never be so sharp again. So cool it often during work.

Step 3: The Handle

Cleaning the handle is easy. You could do it by hand - it will take a long time, but it isn't bad idea at all. Such way gives better accuracy.

I however used rotary sander - it is faster way :)

The end of the handle was sanded manually.

Remember to sand with sandpapers from 80 to at least 320.

Step 4: Finishing

Now the easiest job to do - putting stain on the handle and sharpening the knife.

You can use any stain but keep in mind that it shouldn't be poisonous for people since the knife will be used in the kitchen.

Step 5: The End

That's all :)

Now You can enjoy Your brand new knife (made from trash). Isn't it great ?

If You want to see more detailed instruction, watch video attached to this instructable. I show in it how sharp could be restored knife.

Thanks for reading. As always I encourage You to subscirbe my instructables and/or my Youtube channel

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    6 years ago

    Now you are all set up for a good slasher movie. Just kidding.

    Some people throw things away without any thought about what it could be. I built quality knifes out of old lawn mower blades that riveil a new knife with a polish that looks like chrome. If you work on the steel with progressively finer grit, you can put a polish on metal that looks like a mirror. Thumbs Up on your project.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Polishing with finer grid really gives a mirror efect ? Which grit I'll have to end ?

    Maybe You have some links leading to Your work ? Share them:)


    Reply 6 years ago

    I don't have any examples for you, but it will. Go up to 2000 grit wet sanding, then use rubbing compound. You'll be very happy with the results.


    6 years ago

    nice :)