Introduction: Wrap Scarf With Sleeves Made From Knitted Scarf in My Scrap Wrap Revamp

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I've been wanting one of those knitted wrap scarves with the sleeves for quite some time now, but I didn't have time to just sit down and make one. Knowing me, I would get to a point, and then it would become another UFO (UnFinished Object) in my collection. I knitted this scarf several years ago and, even though I love it, I don't wear it much anymore. It finally struck me that I could add some knitted sleeves to it, and have the coveted wrap that I so desired. And why not make it fun! All of the yarns and fibers I used were things I had on hand, including the main yarn that I unraveled from a shawl I never finished.
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Step 1: Supplies

Knitted scarf-mine measured 78x15
Assorted yarns or combination thereof, that are of the same weight and fiber content as the scarf, or have compatible care requirements. My scarf was acrylic, so I chose an acrylic base yarn and various synthetic specialty yarns I had. Be as subtle or creative as you want! There is no right or wrong.
A set of double pointed knitting needles , size of your choice. Since my scarf is a lace stitch, I chose size 10 for a looser stitch.
Regular knitting needles the same size--optional, but it's easier to use them to pick up the stitches to begin the sleeves
2 clips

Step 2: Will This Work?

The first thing I did was to fold the scarf longways and clip the open ends together approximately 6" from each end so I could try it on and see if it would work as a wrap scarf. The 6" is the length of the scarf that will be incorporated into the sleeve. I will crochet that seam closed after I complete the sleeves. I also determined approximately how long of a sleeve I wanted, and the type of stitch. I'm adding 16" sleeves using stockinette stitch. I also want thumb holes because I like that look. The completed sleeve, including the 6" section of scarf, will be 22" long. The base yarn will be the same throughout. Other than that, neither sleeve will look the same. I will change the specialty yarns randomly.

Step 3: Begin the First Sleeve

With the right side of the scarf facing you, use the regular needles and 1 strand each of the base yarn and chosen specialty yarn to pick up stitches evenly along the short edge of the scarf. I ended up with 29 stitches (28 working stitches and one to join for knitting in the round), which is good for my purposes. It will depend on your scarf, yarn, and needle size how many you pick up. You won't be knitting into every stitch of the scarf or your sleeve will be too wide. This is a good video to watch if you are unsure of this technique:

Step 4: Prepare for Knitting in the Round

Divide the stitches evenly between the double pointed needles and join for knitting in the round. Here is a video explaining that technique:
and for knitting in the round:
For my sleeve I knitted for 13", then made a thumbhole over the end stitches of the last round and the beginning stitches of the next round using this technique:
I continued knitting for 3", then bound everything off and worked in the ends. This explains binding off:
The sleeve ends about where my fingers begin. Do the same for the other sleeve.

Step 5: Finishing Up

When both sleeves are done, fold the scarf longways with the wrong side out, join your yarn where the picked up stitches were joined for the beginning of the sleeve, and crochet the two edges together for 6". You're all done! Go model your "new" wrap scarf!

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable. Think of all the possibilities! Don't forget to vote! 😁

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