Introduction: Old Pan to Modern Mirror

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I had some pans I got as a present when I got married 6 years ago! None of them were useful anymore so I threw many away. I then came up with this idea to use them as a mirror frame. It looks great and can be made in different sizes, too bad I just kept two pans!

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Old pan (any size)

Round mirror to fit the inside of the pan

Sand paper (or sand sponge)


Spray primer

Black spray paint

Cold silicon




Step 2: Sand

This is a very old pan so the surface is very uneven. To make it soft and take all of the little bumps off use the sand paper, specially in the area where the paint is going to be.

Step 3: Holes

You'll have to take the handle off your pan. To do so place the pan in the floor and ask someone to step on it while you use the grinder to cut it. Once the handle is off you can see two holes.

Measure the distance between those holes and using something sharp make a mark where you're going to drill the other holes.

Use the drill while you hold the pan very tight. Now you have four holes:two in one side and two in the other side.

Step 4: Wire

Cut two pieces of wire (like 15 inches each).

Pass one of the ends through one of the holes and pass it trough the other hole so that both ends meet. The half of the wire must be inside the pan as shown in the third picture.

Twist the two ends to give it more stability and thickness.

Do the same in the other side with the other piece of wire.

Step 5: Upper Wire

Measure the same distance in both sides from the pan to the highest part where you're going to do the loop to hang it.

Make the loop with all 4 strings of wire and twine one of them to make it super strong.

Cut the ends.

Step 6: Paint

Spray the pan and the wire with primer and let it dry.

Paint it with two layers of the black spray paint. This doesn't have to cover the inside of the pan where the mirror is going to be. Let it dry perfectly.

Step 7: Glue Mirror

Put some cold silicone in the inside of the pan and under the mirror.

Place the mirror in the pan and press down firmly.

Let it dry for around 4 hours.

Step 8: Ready!

Now it's ready to be hung wherever you want. You will never toss old pans away again!

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