Introduction: Old Record Player Coverted to a Minibar

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Another Project I have been playing around with was this old broken record player. I wanted to make use of it other than using it for a table. So I decided since there always a weekly beer pong tournament here, it seemed like a good idea to make a minibar/cooler.

Step 1: Take-out All the "Guts" of the Record Player

Simple enough to take out all the record player parts and such, once your working with your barebone structure then I started to design how it would works. I wanted a large removeable cooler for all the beer and ice of course so i could empty the water out once it had melted. I also wanted a place for bottles of liquor. and possibly a place for small glass cups for mixing drinks etc.

Step 2: Get Your Materials.

All I really needed to make this happen was some styrofoam, extra wood and some silicone and of course a lil creativity. The first picture is where I started, that's also where i thought i could put a bag of ice, cut the top off and slide it in there with a bottle of liquor to keep it cold. So I cut out some styrofoam to size and slide it down there glued it in place and then siliconed around the edges. The second picture is where i found the perfect styrofoam container to place in there, once i cut and placed some wood in there for the sides and bottom. In the third picture is where i made the "storage/cup" place. I did the same thing as i did in the first picture but first i had to add some wood to the bottom to complete the structure. Once all the silicone dries and sets its time to give it a shot and have a cold one for the hard work!

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