Introduction: Old Tray to Game Board

About: I'm a musician, crafter, dessert lover and proud grandma.

I love to play with my family! I consider it as a golden time to share laughs, love and strengthen our bonds. One of my favorite games is "Snakes and ladders" which I used to play as a child. I transformed a very old and burned tray into a game board that makes it easy to keep everything in place and it's magnetic!

Step 1: Materials

Old tray

Game cardboard (I ordered mine in amazon)

Sand paper



Thick flexible wire


Spray primer

Spray blue paint

Cold silicon or strong glue

4 Magnets

4 Big buttons (different color)


Step 2: Sand and Clean

This was a very burned tray so I needed an even surface to work with. Sand the burned parts and then clean all the tray with a damp cloth. Let it dry for a couple minutes.

Step 3: Hanging Loop

Make two holes in your tray using your nail and hammer where you want to place your loop to hang your tray.

Cut a piece of wire and pass it through the holes. Twist the two ends to keep it in place and avoid untangling, you can use your pliers to do this.

Step 4: Paint

Use the primer to give it the first layer. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

Give two layers of the blue spray paint and let it dry. I just did this in the frame of the tray as the inside of it is going to be covered with the game cardboard.

Step 5: Cut Game

Cut your game cardboard to the right size to fit the inside of the tray. Round off the corners and make sure you don't cut anything important for your game.

Step 6: Glue

Put some glue inside the tray and in your cardboard. The glue I used requires both parts to have glue, wait 3 minutes and put them together. If using cold silicon it's only necessary to put glue in the tray.

Step 7: Game Tokens

Glue a botton on each of your magnets, just make sure the part you're not putting the button on is the one that attaches to the tray.

Step 8: Tips

I've found very practical to keep a little organza bag in the hanging wire to keep the dices always at hand.

You can also play something else just by placing another game board and holding it with magnets! When I'm not using it I just keep it with magnets in the back part of the tray.

Step 9: Time to Play!

Now you're ready to have hours of fun with the people you love! When you're not using it just keep it hung in your playing room (or your kid's bedroom).

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