Introduction: On the Go Bag (never Loose Ur Stuff Ever Again!!)

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Its September (October)!! For College student like myself.... School commenced, and a busy semester is about to storm its way... As a physics student I am gonna show u how to build a Hadron Collider !! haha just kidding we have more pressing issues...

Some university students have a “smart phone” or 7”+ tablet for viewing lecture notes & checking emails, flappy birding... Or a little paper notebook, pens, wallet and other personal belongings... But going around in campus, switching classroom and lecture theater with everything is quite tough... I found the pocket in my jeans isn't enough, especially for tablets... I am not a careless person, still I've forgot my water bottle once, I lost my wireless mouse once too... the list goes on... When we are on the go, it's easy to loose stuff...

This instructable introduce the making of a Customized “On the Go Bag” at perfect size holding items mentioned above... A crafty/stylish life saver to perharps the most annoying problem of étudiant, loosing stuff!! Come Follow this step-by-step, low-budget instructable and never loose you stuff in classroom ever again!!

I would like to include both video tutorial and written tutorial for different audiences... Enjoy!!


It is absolutely possible to hand sew this if you have the time and patience...

Step 1: Game Plan

7“ tablet can fit in most jeans' pocket, but when one try to run or seat with the tab in the pocket... well my verdict: not comfortable, it drops out easily... I saw a wonderful cylindrical bag on Ubiworkshop (official merch from Ubisoft, my dream game publisher). I think that is a stylish bag and wanna make one to a customised size... I have no background in bag making, so I consulted my mother who has... Keeping durability and simple design in mind, Here is a my game plan...

Design: A cylindrical bag of 2 color... a light color for the body, a dark color cord-like décor a dark décor

and base on the bottom... I also plan the contactable opening on top of the bag with a rope... a little loop on the top so we can wear the bag on my belt... Only 1 light color thread will be use, so we get a nice white stitch line/pattern on the darker fabric...

Measurement: My tab is 11cm x 19cm big... so our cylindrical bag should have at least circular base of 12cm diameter ( ⇒(12cm)π = 38 cm circumference). Also the height should be around 25 to 26cm so that the opening can close up tightly above the tab...

Then just unfold the cylinder in our head!! We got:

  • 1 dark circle as base,
  • 1 dark strip for cord-like decor
  • 1 dark strip for the décor
  • 1 dark strip for the belt connection
  • 1 white rectangle for the main body
  • some rope for the core of cord-like décor also the contraction of the opening

Like most fabric project we have to leave 1 cm bleeding edge for sewing... so that the cloth wont fall apart...

Here is the final measurements (refer to the picture)

Step 2: Gather the Material

This is the part to keep the project low-budget... I got most of my material in IKEA...

not that they paid me to say so... but they do have some nice offer from time to time, or some cheap left over curtain fabric from other costumers in curtain section... Afterall affordable craft supplies are everywhere if you look for it...

Material I used (well-under 5 U.S. dollars):

  • (HK$17∼USD 2.20) 30cm Minna L light brown curtain cloth , which I used ∼⅓ only(or any fabrics with some thickness)
  • (HK$4.9∼USD 0.63) 50x60cm TEKLA dishcloth (or any light color fabrics with some thickness )
  • (HK$7∼USD 1) 1 roll of cotton rope which I used <⅕ only

Tools I used:

  • White Sewing thread & Needle (if you are desperate, go to hotel lobby for a sewing pack, use English with a foreign accent, lol)
  • Sewing Machine (optional, but I prefer one)
  • Measuring Tape (if u dun hv one just take 1 of those free paper tape from IKEA)
  • Masking tape
  • safety pins (optional)
  • Scissors

Step 3: Cut Out the Pieces

I bring up the picture of the measurements again... cut accordingly


  1. Draw & cut 1:1 shapes with paper, pin the the paper on fabric b4 cutting the fabric itself
  2. For Rectangular shapes, stick masking tape on the cloth to mark the dimension to ensure straight cuts.
  3. I use double layers of the white cloth and the circular base... to give more durability...
  4. If you find a thicker fabric or hand sewing... feel free to reduce the layer...

Step 4: Optional Tricks...

For the rope used in the cord-like décor and fastening the opening... I couldn't find a rope with desirable diameter at the time I was making the bag... And I was feeling extra crafty that day, so I kinda knit a rope from thinner ropes I already have. Go Find a rope with suitable diameter and ignore the step...

Only For those interested... I used a technique I pick up at a young age... When my family went to the Moomin Vally in Finland... There was this booth teaching a way sailors making bracelet from four loops of strings... Its fun, but its a bit of a challenge to knit a 60 cm long rope... Took me a lot time and afford. But I like how it turns out... And I am crazy about D.I.Y. So....

Basically, we got four loops on index fingers and middle fingers of both hands... by exchanging the loop on right index finger (r.i.f) with the loop on left middle finger (l.m.f), then exchange the loop on left index finger (l.i.f) with the loop on right middle finger (r.m.f)... this is a full cycle.... Keep repeating the cycle till the the bracelet is done... for the sake of demonstration, I can show you guys with two different colors in the pic and video.

Alert!! this is really abit crazy to knit a 30 cm and a 60cm rope like I did!! So this part is really purely for sharing... dont say I didnt warn you!! haha

Step 5: Sewing Pt.1

Lets handle the cord-like décor first,

  1. Wrap the 40cm rope with the dark stripe of cloth...
  2. Roughly hand sew the cloth around the rope tighly...
  3. Secure it with a sewing machine...

Then overlap the Dark décor onto the white body cloth,

  1. Fold a 1 cm bleeding on the dark fabric.
  2. Hand Sew (roughly) the cloth around the rope tighly...
  3. Secure it with a sewing machine...

Close the white and dark body combination into a cylinder

  1. Fold the combination in half where the dark decor in the inside
  2. Hand sew (roughly) the layers together next to the red line (around 20 cm mark , result in 40 cm circumference)
  3. Secure it with sewing machine. Sew from bottom up, stop sewing at around 22cm... the few cm left will be handle in the next step.

Step 6: Sewing Pt.2

Finalize the fastening part on the opening... with a cylinder which the dark décor stripe face inwards. (I mean the cylinder should be fliped inside out, so that the outside of the actual bag is facing inwards now)

  1. Sew a U-turn at the few cm left from previous step with a 1 cm of bleeding.
  2. Fold down 2.5 cm of white from the top, forming a tube.
  3. Make sure the tube is wide enough for the rope to pass thru, ideally twice as wide.
  4. Hand Sew the the tube all around
  5. Secure it with sewing machine twice for durability.
  6. Push the 60cm rope thru the tube

Attach the cord-like décor to the bottom of the body...

  1. Overlap 1 cm of bleeding for the cord-like décor onto both the dark décor and the white body..
  2. Hand Sew the layers together
  3. Secure it with sewing machine.

Close the bag at the bottom of the body...

  1. Overlap 1 cm of bleeding for the dark circle onto both the dark décor and the white body..
  2. Hand Sew the layers together
  3. Secure it with sewing machine.

Step 7: Touch-Ups Almost There...

What you now have should be a functional bag filped inside out...

Just flip it now and you have a working bag...

Last component: the belt connection

  1. Fold the strip in half along the long side.
  2. Sew the 2 layers, forming a tube.
  3. Flip the whole tube.
  4. Sew the both ends of the tube together, forming a loop.
  5. Sew the loop on to the bag with the iconic cross square pattern.

Step 8: Enjoy You Semester


There you have it!! A custom made On The Go Bag!! With style and convenience, you are the proud owner of a life without fear of loosing your belongings ever again!! With well under 5 U.S. Dollars, you get a hand made fashionable bag probably priced at USD 24.99 even USD29.99!!

You like red and blue over white brown? Is the bag a bit small for you tablet? No worries, the choice of fabric, colors and dimensions and totally up for customization... look forward to seeing what u guys made... I hope this instructble showcase a clear work flow for a beginner(like myself)... My apologies for not knowing the correct terminology and some missing photos, I was a bit focus at getting the bag right and forgot to take pictures sometimes...

Is my description too briefed? Too detailed? Any confusions or suggestions? Tell me in the comment below!! Your feedback and comment means a lot and help make instructable a better place!! I really appreciate it and will reply your comments ASAP!!

Anyway, thank you for reading my instructable to this point!! If you like my tutorial pls fav and vote for me in the University Contest!!

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