Introduction: One Pot Star Pasta

one pot pasta for whole family of four.

Step 1:

ingredients you need to make this dish
500 gram of spaghetti
4 carrot
8 small mushrooms
3 leaf of Savoy cabbage
half onion
half any colour pepper
2 tomatoes
1green chilli
2 spring onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon of tomato ketchup
1 tablespoon of brown sauce
1 tea spoon of salt
one pinch cumin powder
one pinch of corriender powder
one pinch of garam masala
six pinch of cinnamon powder
one pinch of rosemary
one pinch of mixed herbs

Step 2: Chopping

chop all the veg in the fashion shown above

Step 3: Fry

fry the rosemary,mixed herbs and garlic in three table spoons of oil.for two minutes.then put the onion and tomato and pepper with green chilli for four minutes.after that put the tomato ketchup and brown sauce cook it for one minute

Step 4: Add Spice

add spices and 300 grams of beef mince you can even put cooked sausages too approximately 11 sausages will be fine.but still beef mince and sausages are optional if you would like to go for vegetarian option.cook it for five minutes and keep stairing

Step 5: Veg

put the chopped veg and cook it for 15 minutes

Step 6: Pasta Time

boil the pasta and boil it for 11 minutes according to the instructions given in the package. drain it and put all the veg and sauce into the pot and mix it with pasta properly.

Step 7: Finished and Dinner Time Now

ultimate mixed pasta will look like this and serve it can eat it with cheese and finely chopped green chilli if you like hot food. get your kids and wife involved with chopping and cooking its a fun dish to cook and less cooking might take up to 30 minutes to finish but fun though. :)I will come up with few more idea and untill next time good luck.:)

Step 8:

Step 9: