Introduction: Onion Deodorant Prank

The best prank you can do for fun with friends and family. A joke never forget!

Step 1: ---ACTIVATE English Subtitles on the Video Settings.---

Step 2: To This Prank We Will Take the Roll-on Deodorant From a Friend or Someone in Your Family.

Step 3: With the Help of a Screwdriver Blade, Remove the Ball Deodorant.

Step 4: We Settled the Edge of the Pack Again With Our Fingers, to Take Shape Again.

Step 5: Removed the Contents of the Package.

Step 6: We Take an Onion, Cut Edges and Took Them to the Blender With a Little Water.

Step 7: Evase Fill the Deodorant With the Mixture.

Step 8: We Pressed Our Fingers to Place the Ball Deodorant Again.

Step 9: We Cover the Deodorant and Place It In.

Step 10: We Can Only Hope That Our Victim to Use It !!!

WARNING: The onion smell can last for a long time, which caused a sharp anger at the person who made the prank.

Step 11: ACTIVATE English Subtitles on the Video Settings.