Introduction: Organising Left Over Fabrics

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Over the years I have made house furnishings, garments and various things for my grandchildren including bed curtains, soft toys and Festival garments. I never throw things away, so I decided to work out a way of organising all the fabric and ossociated bits and pieces. I previously stored them in some IKEA boxes, as well as various drawers.

The first step was to tackle the myriad of fabrics, some quite small, other large pieces and to sort them.....


Cardboard boxes (I used IKEA boxes for uplighters)

Fabric glue

Cotton tape


lots of time!

Step 1: Organising Individual Bits of Fabric

I had all my fabrics folded, but every time I wanted to use any of it, I opened each up and was faced with lots of bits. I sorted each batch of fabric into usable amounts, folded them to a size which indicated how big the piece was and rolled each piece and then tied with a piece of tape.

Step 2: Putting Into Boxes

I have a number of boxes which are all the same size and fit nicely in a cupboard.

So Having organised all the pieces of fabric with tape, I put them into boxes.

First the satins, I glued some offcuts on the box top so I could easily identify what was in the box.

Step 3: More Fabric!

It took a whole day, but for me, it was worth it!

I finally sorted as satins, dress velvet, heavy fabrics, shiny stuff etc.

Now they are so easy to identify from my cupboard! Next I will modify the outside of the boxes to look a little more artistic, but for now they serve their purpose!