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A few years ago I made a curtain for my granddaughter's bunk bed incorporating a rainbow, sun, raindrops, and a pot of gold at the bottom of the rainbow. On the inside there was a moon and stars.I had about 6 metres left over organza rainbow fabric and, inspired by the BBC Great British Sewing Bees's recycling week, I thought I should consider what I could make with it using other left over bits of fabric and trimmings from dress and curtain making.

I originally used the 6 metres rainbow fabric to decorate the bedroom that my young grandchildren sleep in when they visit, but I have now taken it down.

So... here's the info on the rainbow curtain and my progress on the other things I am making. (These are all going to my eldest granddaughter so she can sell them to help fund her Uni work experience in Uganda.) I'll add them as I make them, so check on back over the next few weeks. I'm planning to make:

Some simple zipped purses that could be used for coins, jewellery or other precious things.

Zipped bags for purses and other storage

Shoulder bags

Hair scrunchies




If you have other ideas for things to make from Organza rainbow fabric, please get in touch.


All the fabric I am using is left over from other projects, but I have bought a job lot of zips, key fobs. D--rings and tape.

I used my sewing machine and overlocker, although all could be made with a sewing machine apart from the scarf, which I have roll hemmed.

Step 1: Rainbow Curtain

At the time my granddaughter was 4 and I wanted to make her bunk bed special. I made the curtain with poly cotton in light blue on the outside and dark blue on the inside, rainbow organza, a little yellow cotton fabric and star shaped buttons. I attached the curtain with velcro sewed onto the curtain with sticky taped velcro qttqched onto the bed frame.

The door and window were held up with blue ribbon. The raindrops were made upside down so they could be pockets as was the moon and pot of gold.

To make the rainbow, I folded the organza fabric using masking tape and hand sewed to the curtain.

If you want more detailed nformation, please ask.....

Step 2: Purses and Zipped Bags

i started by making a useable fabric from the organza to make a bag suitable for a mobile.I cut out two pieces of white crushed velvet curtain fabri 20 x 12cms carefully placed 3 pieces of the organza to strengthen the colours. As I was using blue and green, I decided I would make the lining from some velvet dress fabric which I made Merida's dress (from the film Brave) for my granddaughter so I cut out two pieces of this the same size.

(Pleae note, organza is really difficult to cut. I either use a metal ruler and weghts to hold it down or tape the organza dowe to a work surface with masking tape to ensure that I am cutting it straight.)

Once cut out I pinned, tacked and then joined the organza pieces together with the white velvet using my overlocker and overlocked the green velvet too.

I sewed the right side of the zip to the right side of organza (see picture and attached the other piece of organza to the other side of the zip.t I sewed the lining on top of the zip on both sides.

Finally, having opened the zip, I seamed it all together, leaving a gap of 7cms in the lining so it could be turned the right way out.en overlocked the side edges and cut our the corners, before turning the right way out.

The final touch was to add a keyring and tassel which I attached to the zip with a swivel hook.

It was easy to make a production line then with the fabric incorporating different sizes and areas of the rainbow fabric with various linings. It was fun remembering what I made with all the differing fabrics.

Step 3: Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bag

Cutout (measurements in centimetres)

in blue gaberdine and rainbow organza

(1) 2 x outside main. 29x39 (shape the long side at the bottom to curve at the edges)

(2) 1 x outside side 90 x 11

in blue gaberdine only

(3) 4 x inside top 39 x 8

(4) 4 x sip mount 39 x 8

(5) 2 x inside side top 13 x 10

in dark blue and black velvet

(6) 2 x Inside main (shape the long side at the bottom to curve at the edges)

(7) 1 x inside side 89 x 11

(8) 2 x Pockets 31 x 14

(9) 4 x tab 10 x 9

(10) 2 x Zip Ends 8 x 7.5

You'll also need a zip and 2 D-rings.

I used blue gaberdine fabric for the outside which l covered with a layer of the organza and, for the lining some dark blue fabric which I covered with black velvet for a luxurious interior.

Start by sewing the organza and black velvet to the appropriate pieces as identified above.


Sew each inside main (6) to Inside top (3) (you'll have 2 inside tops left) and topstitch. Make the pockets by folding in half, sewing together then turning right way out and sewing onto each inside main (6).Stitch Inside side top (5) to inside side(7), making sure that this seam will match the seam on the inside bag. Once sewn together join the long side to the inside main piece leaving a gap of 15cms to allow it to be turned the right way when finished..


Sew the outside side (2) to the edge of each of the outside main (1)


Make the tabs by sewing 2 tab pieces (9) together (right side together) along the long sides and then turn the right way out, thread D ring on and sew at the edges, then pin to the outside of the bag sides facing to the bottom.


Take 2 of the zip mounts and place them with right sides facing, sandwiching one side of the zip lining up the raw edges with the zip and sew and then sew the other 2 zip mounts to the other side of the zip. Fold each zip end (10) on each side to make a square shape 5 x 4.5 and sew down. Fold the zip ends on the longest side over both ends of the zip and sew in place.

Now sew the remaining inside tops (3) to zip mounts and sew up the side panels.

Joining the bag to the lining

Turn the inside lining right side out (showing the seams) and the outside bag inside out. Put the inside bag into the outside bag, making sure that the d rings are pointing down and sew the bags together turn the right way round through the hole you left in the lining.


Finally make a handle by cutting a piece of the outside fabric to the required length and 10cms wide, cut a piece of the organza the same size, stitch them together then seam down the long edge and turn inside out. Fix to the D rings.

Step 4: Tie Top

For this I used a simple pattern and cut out the sleeves, fronts and back from the organza, matching as much as possible the two sides.

I also cutout the same pieces twice in some white poly cotton and sewed one piece of each of the organza pieces to the same pieces of the poly cotton to make a nice stable piece of fabric. I finished the edges with the overlocker.

Next I sewed the final white pieces to the bottom edge and neck of the back and the bottom and front side edges of the fronts. This meant that the seams wouldn't show through the organza. I then turned them inside out overlocked the edges and cut into the corners. Once I'd ironed them, I overstitched close to the edges, with my sewing machine needle set as far right as possible.

I carefully pinned the front and back sides and shouldesr together and then sewed and overlocked them. Finally I set in the sleeves.

Step 5: Hair Scrunchies

i usually make my scrunchies from velvet dress fabric, so I thought I'd try sewing some of the organza, which I'd folded to emphasise the colours onto some silver velvet. The result is shown, but I wasn't happy with it.

So.. I cut out a length of the organza across the width and 15 cms wide, folded in half and sewed and overolocked along the length, tuned it inside out and and seamed it again to create a french seam. Finally I folded this in half and sewed together leaving 5 cms at each end.

I cut a piece of elastic 15 cms long and, using a safety pin inserted it, sewed the elastic together and then hand sewed the ends together..

Step 6: Skirt

I couldn't resist making a full skirt with this fabric, just because I enjoy the challenge! I had some spare poly cotton which I lined it with. It created a completely different look to the fabric.

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