Organising Your Clothing

Introduction: Organising Your Clothing

Step by step organising your t-shirts and hoodies so that they are easy to grab and you know which t-shirt is which

Step 1: Grab Your T-shirt

Start by taking your t-shirt and laying it flat on the floor

Step 2: Turn the T-shirt Over

Now turn your t-shirt onto the front

Step 3: Fold in the Arms

Fold in the arms and hood of the t-shirt or hoodie

Step 4: Now Fold the T-shirt in Half

Now take the t-shirt and fold it vertically in half

Step 5: Roll the T-shirt Down to the Bottom( Like Shown in the Picture)

Roll down the t-shirt from the neck to the bottom

Step 6: Now the T-shirt Is Ready to Go in Your Draw

The t-shirt is ready to go into your draw or wardrobe

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