Introduction: Organizing Craft Supplies: Milk Crates

Organizing your supplies using decorated milk crates

Step 1: Supplies

  • A milk crate
  • A fabric remnant, about two feet square ·
  • A can of spray glue
  • A two foot square piece of quilt batting
  • Scissors
  • One sheet (or a partial sheet) of foam board
  • Four cable ties

Step 2: Trace Crate

Begin by tracing the outline of the crate onto the foam board. Make sure to get the hole in the crate as well. Then using the foam board you just cut, cut fabric approximately two inches larger than it.

Step 3: Attach Cable Ties

Make tiny slits in the foam board in the four corners that line up with the milk crate and insert cable ties into slits

Step 4: Flip and Spray

Flip to the front and spray with spray glue, but make sure you are ready to act fast as this stuff works fast. (I would have my fabric already ready to go)

Step 5: Attach Fabric

Fabric should be laying down with the printed side facing down and the side your going to glue on the foam board up. place sprayed foam board on fabric and smooth edges around the foam board.

Step 6: Attach to Milk Crate

Using the zip ties you attached earlier attach the foam board to the milk crate be sure that you have it where you want it as cable ties are impossible to get undone so if you mess up you have to start over with new cable ties.

Step 7: For More Information

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