Introduction: Organza Fabric Flower Rosette EASY

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Easy and beautiful: Organza is a great fabric with which to make flowers because of its built-in stiffness - its hand is not too stiff nor too floppy. You can make a whole bouquet of these in different colors for Mother's Day and that would be an arrangement Mom would enjoy for months, if not years. Make them different sizes and glue each to a floral stick and arrange in a vase or glue around a globe or paper lantern and you have a beautiful bouquet for Mom or Grandma. Or make Mom a wrist corsage. However you'd like to present this ethereal beauty, organza is the best way to befit Mom with elegance. It's lightweight to send if you can't be there in person and doesn't crush easily. You can always bejewel the center of the flower with a great pin (as a gift), rhinestones, or some kind of shiny or sparkly bauble.


  • 5-6" of organza width per flower. So 1 yard would make 6 flowers.
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
  • Bauble for decoration (optional)

Step 1: Cut Your Organza

Cut your organza 5-6" wide (or bigger or smaller, depending on how big you want your flower). Mine is 5" wide. Use the whole length from selvage to selvage for a flower my size. You can always shorten it if you have too much length.

Step 2: Fold & Sew

Fold your organza in half lengthwise and straight stitch all the way down the length ~1/2" away from the raw edge. Then go back and zig-zag (or serge if you have a serger) those unfinished edges to keep the organza from unraveling/fraying too much. Be sure to use matching thread.

Step 3: Baste

Now there is one more run down the length of your organza and that is with the widest stitch your machine has. If your machine has a basting stitch, use that. Then pull these threads once sewn in order to gather/ruffle your organza length. You can make your ruffle as dense or as loose as you'd like.

Step 4: Tack Center Bud

Start with one end you ruffled and fold any end down in and then roll the end a bit to create a small bud. This will be the center of your rosette. Tack at the base of flower with your sewing machine to hold it in place.

Step 5: Sew Rosette on Base Fabric

Choose a scrap of fabric that is the same color as your organza. I used a scrap of a t-shirt. Now take the opposite organza end from the center bud you just made and start sewing this ruffle on your base fabric by tracing it with the perimeter of your circle. (Draw a circle to start with if need be.) Your circle size will determine how large your flower is. Keep working your way in around the circle being sure to cover up the stitching on the outer ring as you make your way in.

Step 6: Hand Sew

The final step involves hand sewing: You will need to tack the center bud in place and then any places where the stitching shows on the flower, tack a petal layer down on top of it to cover it up.

Then hand sew to garment OR to some pretty elastic if you want to make mom a great wrist corsage... or hot glue or wire to a florist stem if you want to make a bouquet.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any other kinds of flowers you'd like to see here. There are a million ways to do fabric flowers but this is one of my favorites and it is EASY. You will brighten your own day by making this elegant and fun flower.

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