Introduction: Origami A-wing


Following my X-wing Instructions comes this A-wing, another ship from the movie StarWars -- though I suppose everybody knows that. This is more difficult than the X-wing, so I apologize if you're a newbie to the origami universe and really want to make this piece. Even the better origamists should have some trouble with this unless you're really into sink folds (Which is like deer liking lion meat). Well, anyway, here are the instructions -- and don't forget to show me the results! Thank you.

Step 1: Start Like This

Get out your square paper and place it with the colored side up. Fold it in half for the crease, and unfold it. Then fold the edges almost to the center crease, but an ample distance away. KEEP IT SYMMETRICAL! . . . I mean, keep it symmetrical. This is slightly difficult, but the more symmetrical it is, the better looking your ship will become.

Flip your slab over and fold the top corners diagonally, creating an X at the top of the slab. Then mountain fold (Fold behind) the top part, putting its crease in the middle of the X. Squish this into a Water Bomb Base, and you're good to go.

Step 2: First Sink

Sink the top corner of the base in, and then fold the lower edge up to the bottom of water bomb base. If you are awesome or just a complete no-lifer, than the bottom should look to have squares. Fold the squares diagonally in half. If they're not squares, fold them until they reach the bottom of the base.
With that, inside reverse fold them inside the structure.

Step 3: Like the Titanic

Now take the bottom flap and fold it over. This will make headway for the upper half, where you will make the slanted edge meet the nearest vertical edge. Now the paper behind it must follow, except this time you must sink it into the body. This is a difficult process, but I found that I could do this by lifting the top flaps out and shoving the paper in.

Now fold the flap you folded over in the second sink in front of the spike that had been in front of the paper you sunk. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 4: Elementary

Take the bottom part and fold over the top of it to get a bar. Mountain fold the entire thing in half and fold the top parts as diagonally as you can. Repeat this on the other side. This creates a bump that resembles a cockpit. Now inside reverse the small corner in the bottom.

Step 5: Little Things

Unfold the ship and fold the bar in to the center.

Step 6: Origami A-Wing

Voila, your fandom is complete. Now go to that comic con dressed as a wookie and do something creepy. . . again. That will be about it for me, so thanks for reading -- and remember, don't talk to strangers unless you know them.