Introduction: Origami Box Turtle


This is my fourth installation of origami, the box turtle. This is another piece I learned from my girlfriend, and is twice as more difficult than my Angel Fish Instructable. This s as much for my remembrance as it is for your learning, so enjoy it!

Step 1: The Turtle Begins

Start with making the Water Bomb base. Fold the uncolored side edge-to-edge in half, then fold the corners of the colored side together to get the creases shown in the picture. Pinch the four sides together and sandwich them together to take the shape of a triangle.

Step 2: Structure

Fold the bottom edges of the upper layer to the center, unfold and then fold down the top corner to the bottom of the model and unfold it again. With this done, proceed with a Petal Fold -- Take hold under the top layer's pocket and fold it to the top corner of the model. Allow the sides to come into the center, and repeat on the other side. You should get something that looks like a house.

Step 3: Next Level. . .

This is an easy step. Squash Fold -- or just squish -- the bottom two corners to meet the topmost corner. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Like a Samurai

This part literally looks like a samurai helmet. . . For the most part, anyway. Fold the top flaps down to touch the horizontal crease in the middle of the model, then double them up against their own edge. This should look like an origami samurai helmet, at least the simple one (I just might post it sometime. You can also turn it into a goldfish).

Fold the outermost edges to the center of the piece. Don't freak out if you fold the samurai-like horn -- that's supposed to happen. Repeat on the other side (Symettricity is  vital).

Step 5: The Puff

This is a very important step.

Fold the top layers over (On each side). Fold the topmost corners as far as they will go to the bottom edge. Rotate the model 180 degrees.

Now sink the top part to puff up the turtle. It helps to use its feet as an anchor, just be careful not to tear it.

Step 6: The Origami Box Turtle

Now you're lookin' cool. Crimp an end in the shape of a head, and your turtle is now a turtle!

Enjoy this product, as always, and remember to take the paper out of the fortune cookie!