Introduction: Origami Cat

This model by Makoto Yamaguchi. is a little more advanced - so you might to take a closer look and try more than once.

you can either use this Video tutorial below or use the following images in the next steps.


As with most Origami: you just need just one sqaure sheet of paper. I used 15cm/8inch paper.

Step 1: Fold Diagonally

Step 2: Fold Into a Kite Shape

Step 3: Fold Tip Up

Step 4: Fold in Corners

Step 5: Fold Up Corner

Step 6: Fold in Diagonals of Left Part

Step 7: Waterbomb Base

collaps from both sides.

Step 8: Fold in Top Corners to Center

Step 9: Squash From the Side

Step 10: Fold the Tip Up

Step 11: Rabbit Ear "sholders" on Both Side

Step 12: Pull Out Additonal Paper Under "shoulders" on Both Sides

Step 13: Refold to Cite Shape

Step 14: Fold in Half

Step 15: Wrap Shoulders Back and Tilt Head Down

Step 16: Inside Reverse Fold Tail

Step 17: Crimp to Make Tail Slim

Step 18: Last Tail: Fold Up Tail