Introduction: Origami Water Balloon

The water baloon, also know as the waterbomb, is a staple of traidtional origami. One of the traditional bases, the waterbomb-base has it's name form this very model!


one quadratic sheet of paper

Step 1: Choose Your Way

You can either follow the Video above directly or go through the step by step explonations with the diagram. As an added bonus you find the origami balloon diagrams in on picture together to print at home.

Step 2: Fold Diagonals

Step 3: Turn Over

turn over the sheet

Step 4: Fold in Half, Then Unfold

Step 5: Make the Waterbomb Base

bring the two marked points two the middle of the lower edge. Then push the shape flat

Step 6: Fold Up the Flap

take the upper of the two flaps on the right hand side and fold the tip towards the tip at the center

Step 7: Fold in Corner

the new 90° Corner of the top flap should now be folded to the center of the model,

thus creating a pocket

Step 8: Fold Tip Down

Step 9: Tuck In

push the corner inside the pocket

Step 10: Fold Up the Flap

repeat steps 5 to 9 on the other side

Step 11: Fold in the Corner

fold in the corner. please ignore the right hand side of the image, that is an error

Step 12: Fold Down Tip

Step 13: Tuck In

Step 14: Turn Over and Repat

turn the model over and repeat the least steps again.

Step 15: Fold and Unfold Tip and Bottom

fold and unfold with force to fold through all layers of the model

Step 16: Inflate

give one strong puff of air through the opening below. that works batter than a long stream of air

Step 17: Completed

congratulaitons. your model is done!