Introduction: Origami Dog

This easy model I have found on instructables, but found it rather difficult to follow. So I am trying to do a better job by combining an instructional video, addtional pictures and a diagram. The Model is

called Puppy Dog and has been created by Edwin Corrie. is his homepage


you need one qaudratic sheet of paper. Anthing 6 inches (15cm) or larger
will do just fine. you need dual color paper for the nice color effect. but no need to buy expensive origami paper.

Step 1: Fold and Unfold Diagonally

with the white side up in both direction

Step 2: Fold 3 Corners to Center

Step 3: Turn Over

Step 4: Fold the Horizintal Edges to the Center

while folding release the corner from below (result in second image)

Step 5: Sqaush Fold Corner

Step 6: Squash Other Corner As Well

Step 7: Turn Over

Step 8: Fold Tip Up

Step 9: Fold Diagnals

Step 10: Rabbit Ear

Step 11: Fold Long Flap Behind

Step 12: Fold Down Feet

Step 13: Crimp to Shape Tail of Dog

Step 14: Crimp Neck

use the long flat and fold a crimp sideways like shown. last image shows endresult.

Step 15: Finish Bei Crimping Nose and Back of the Head