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Cicada is an insect. This is a tutorial which step by step teaches u to make this interesting creature

Step 1: Triangular Fold

Fold the craft paper in a triangular shape. Open it and u will see the mark separating the 2 triangles. Do the sasame fold with other 2 corners. Open it and see a plus sign along the diagonal of ur craft paper.

Step 2:

Now as shown in the picture, fold the two corners of the triangle to the top.

Step 3:

As shown, turn the halves of the 2 triangles upside down.

Step 4:

Now see the line shown in the picture. Accordingly fold the part down.

Step 5:

As shown in the last pic, seethe line and fold the 2nd half also as shown.

Step 6:

Now look at the marks in the 1st figure. Turn them backwards.

Step 7: The Final Touch

Now make the eyes and your cicada is ready.

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