Introduction: Origami Concorde

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This is an origami model of the Concorde airliner. 'Nuff said. Go fold.

Step 1: 1-8

Follow the pictures in order.

1. Fold in half.

2. Fold the edges to the center.

3. Turn over and fold in half.

4. Align the edge to the crease. Don't fold past the half-way crease.

5. Mirror the previous step.

6. Result of the last two steps.

7. Mountain fold at these reference points.

8. Fold behind the model.

Step 2: 9

9. Rabbit-ear fold on existing creases, then collapse the whole caboodle into this shape.

Step 3: 10-13

10. Fold the flap so it is perpendicular to the top edge of the model.

11. Close-up of the previous step.

12. Reverse fold the flap. Notice how the bottom edge of the flap is straight, not angled.

13. Fold the wing along the soon-to-be rudder.

Step 4: 14-Finish

14. Crimp the nose to give the model a "Concorde" look, with the nose angled down. If you are really good with your fingers, inside reverse fold the crimps into the model to lock it.

Your done!

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