Introduction: Origami Dog (3d) + All the Other Origami You Learn on the Way.

The origami dog is more advance and not really for beginners but you can still do it if you like. You can change the dogs looks/breeds by folding the ears. I think this origami is one of a kind because well it is 3d and their are no other origami dogs like it so I think I created it?? Also it is much more easier if you know how to make the camera, pants or fortune teller. P.S with the steps to make the dog you also learn how to make a camera,pants,t-shirt,caw bird,and fortune teller also a picture frame and box.


What you need:

paper any size is fine as long as it is square but for pocket size go for post-its. tape or glue tape works best. scissors(only if you want the tongue) colored pencil(red,tongue) pencil(tongue and eyes)


First get your martial. I use post-its.(SKIP THIS FIRST STEP IF YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE THE FORTUNE TELLER) (YOU CAN ALSO GO ONLINE AND SEARCH HOW TO MAKE THE FORTUNE TELLER BECAUSE I SUCK AT TEACHING OTHER STUFF BUT ONLY ONLINE SO YEAH.)first get a post-it. fold it in half like second/3rd picture. then you can Ether open it up and fold the other way or just fold it down ether way just do it so that when you open the post-it up u get fourths. then take one flap and fold it down so that it is a line with the fold the same to the rest of the flaps. once your done you should get something like another square but with flaps. then turn the flap square over so that the flaps are facing the table desk or whatever surface you are working on ,take the pointy edges and fold it so that the point is pointing and the center/middle. Do it to all the flaps. then you will get another square with flaps( for the picture frame you take a pointy edge and fold it inward so that it is hidden by its own flap now do to the rest of them. turn it over and take two flaps that are right nest to each other and fold them down wards turn it over and tape the flaps down please look thru the pictures before doing this step. do the same with the other side Remember keep one flap NOT tape down that is where you can put your pictures in by pictures I mean small ones that can fit in to it.) now turn it over again and u will see a square with more square dividing it into. OK JUST go online and search how to make a fortune teller then come back to this page and make a caw bird if you like. ok take one flap fold it inwards take the flap above it lift it and fold it outwards take the two flaps left and fold it out wards those are the wings. to make a face or to fold it back up again for travel just take the face and mouth and pull it apart and flatten it take a pencil make the face. if one of the flaps are stuck just fold the flap again. you can put things in its mouth make it hold a pencil make it talk etc.

Step 2: The Body/camera/t-shirt and Pants

once you got the fortune teller you fold the flaps inwards so you get that the first-3rd picture.T-SHIRT take one of those pointy squares that has 2 flaps pull both of those flaps up and take the end that is not connected to the others and push it up do it to all the flaps.( the box i won't teach you you'll figure it out you're self it includes tape.) turn it over and fold it in half it will go naturally and you got the t-shirt! if you don't want the t-shirt put it back to what it was originally fold back down 2 flaps across from each other take the 2 flaps that you folded down pinch them and pull, then pull down pinch the edge and repeat this step for the other flap. now you take the two weird looking things and take them so that they intersect and fold the point on to the other side to that it locks them together to open it you put both fingers left and right on the rectangular parts and use your thumbs to push the bugling out part and you will hear a snappish sound and that means it is open you can rip pieces of paper and doddle faces on them to put the camera back together again just lock the flaps together again. for the pants just un fold the locking part and fold it in half where it comes together.

Step 3: Actually Body

make 3 pants. choose one as the face and make it a face .Tip fold the ears first before connecting them or leave them as they are.See those tabs some open some closed? I usually take a tab and try to see if they fit if not then I fold closed tab so it fits or if none of them fit then just overlap them and tape them together same with the ones that fit. do it again after that you will get something looking like a dog but no tail well a rather rectangular tail well just fold it down like before to make a point and tape it down don't worry if the dog isn't perfectly balanced it happens. to carry it around you first fold it so that it looks like it is laying down then fold the head down and Voila you made it! Also the pictures of the dogs in the begging are mini versions of it I cut a post-it into 4th and and made the dogs out of that. to make the tongue just draw one that fits cut it out and tape it in to the dogs mouth. for people who made it here Congratulation! I probably talk/typed to much lol.

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