Introduction: Led Tape Nightlight

these nightlights are actually pretty easy to make if you have some experience with tape. The nightlights are cute and you can choose you own design which makes it unique. I uselessly get bored at night because oddly I'm most active at night ( is that weird like I get my best ideas at night or playing the piano?) so I got bored and just made a tape nightlight. the tape figurine you can take off so that it is portable and it severs both as a tape figurine and nightlight. the figure is mainly out of tape boxes like you use tape to make a box so it would be easier if you want to make a more rectangle/squarish figurine like a creeper(for a mine craft fans or friends). But if you want to make a figure with round/oval places(like a turtle) then you will have to use tape clots which are basically pieces of tape where you mess up and crumble that piece up.(So remember SAVE THOSE PIECES and get more tape)

Also people might think that the tape figurine are made out of Styrofoam(which my sister did) there not so feel free to correct them

the 8th step shows you the nightlights that I finished.





SMOOTH surface(really important!)

pencil/pen (whatever you need to draw a face on you figure(optional))

battery box or mini solar panel(optional)


led light(craft ones or mini ones will work fine)

extra wires(if needed)

a small cardboard box(best if it is an tape box where a new roll a tape is but depends on what size you made it.)

Step 1: Deside What You Want Your Figurine to Be and Draw It

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT STEP DON'T SKIP. plan what you want your figurine to be so that you know if you have to use the tape clot or not. the first one I made is a turtle ALSO you can made accessories for it I gave my turtle sunglasses and a sun hat. so plan it out first before making it. I went for the creeper as an example since it is the easiest out of the nightlight series I am plan on making.(SEE (map of led tape nightlight series, never mind just vote down here) you can vote what animal/creature maybe background or comment on what I should make,for the mystery nightlight figurine. (this is just for fun)

Step 2: To Make the Creepers Body

take a medium sized strip of tape and make on of those stick on both sides tab. then take a longer piece of tape and wrap it around the tab on the sticky side and fold it so that it makes and rectangle with no base and top. I made mine to small to it can be the body or the legs I choose the legs.TIP: the longer the strip of tape the bigger the rectangle/square.then take a piece of tape or two and cover the opening of the rectangle with no base nor top. basically cover the base and top so that you can't put your finger in it. voila you made your first tape box thing!(YOU might have trouble at this point it gets worse for the bigger sized ones) now repeat those steps changing the size each time but try to keep the legs the same size.TIP: if one part is to long cut part of it off to your liking BEFORE taping the base and top,I repeat BEFORE taping the base and top. now that you probably got your creeper body parts or are making them as I spea-type I mean type sorry. then well please finish before going on the next step.(i forgot to take pictures for this one Sorry.)

Step 3: Putting the Body and Head Together

So now that you got all of the body parts done you should have a head(square) body(rectangle) legs(4 rectangle). If the body and the legs are about the same size and you get confused on which is which then just choose the biggest rectangle for the body. take the head choose one side where you want the body to connect to. make a small tab REMEMBER this is just to connect the body not for another 3d thing. put the small tab on the base or the top of the body rect. now put the body on the chosen side of the head try to center it right .TIP: where ever you want your face to be make the wider part of the rectangle facing that part because the wider part is where the legs are going to end up at. take a piece of tape rip it in half the long way or use scissors and tape the body to the head by picking a side put part of the tape on it and put the other part on the head but make sure to also tape the edge don't skip over the edge make sure the tape is snug against the body and head now take another piece of tape and tape the other 2 side that have not bin taped yet. and take another piece of tape a long one and wrap it around the body to secure the strips of tapes that we just put on and to make the body stronger.

Step 4: Putting the Legs On

get a leg choose a thinner side and put a tab on it stick it on to the body you can choose where and at what height. take a piece of tape rip it in half use the tape to secure the leg like last time do it until you are sure the leg won't fall off.(ALSO the body might be too small or just small but don't worry people make mistakes too and my body is also small :*( . ) so do the same to all the legs and try to keep it the same length. it might not look alot like a creeper but it is a creeper non the less.

Step 5: Tape Clots

so make another square/rect and make a tape clot by mushing the piece of tape together and put it on one side of you rect tape it on you might notice that it creates a bugle and if you continue putting the tape clots where it is flat it will create a bugle on that side that looks almost circluar. TIP: the small the piece of tape the smaller the clot also if you kind of roll the piece of tape to make a clot it will be rounder than just mushing and folding the tape. Next part is decorating.

Step 6: Decorating.

you can first draw the face or whatever on paper and tape it on where you want it but the paper shows up and doesn't look really nice from close up( I did this with the turtle) but if you trim the piece of paper really or just close to the drawing it wont show up as clear and it is hard to see the paper. but then you can also first draw on the figurine using a piece or tape and drawing on it and sticking it one or if you're brave enough to actually just draw on it with pencil then with sharpie or some really good markers used for glass or metal, TIP: be careful to not put to much pressure on the figurine. you can also make mini stuff for your figurine(s).

Step 7: Stand and Light( If You Don't Have a Battery Box It Is Ok Their Is Another Way)

get your box make 2 hole in it. one for the light and one for the switch put the battery box with the battery's and the already connected light put the light through the light hole tape it their are glue it their so that it stays that way. put the battery box in and position it so that you can access the switch you can decorate the box. And so their you have it thank you for reading my instructable. also I finished my tape dragon the result is in the photos


take 2 battery's. and tape.take a long piece of tape and put part of it on one end of one battery like in photo 4 take the other battery press it against the other battery and tape them together make sure that the way that you tape them so that the flat area is pressing against the weird end now take a craft light and make the darker colored end(black or gray wire and tape it to the weird end make sure that the the metal end is on the weird thing(positive stick end) part and tape it again to make sure it stays on. then take another piece of tape put it on the colored wire or white wire and take another piece of tape and tape it the opposite way so that that piece of tape is contacting the first piece of tape but not touching the metal part. now tape that part on the flat/negative side so now when you press or put pressure on the negative side it lights up. So their you have it a really easy way of a pressure switch but if you are to lazy to keep holding that pressure point than get a rubber band and put it on both ends. LOOK AT THE PHOTOS FOR REFERENCE IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE.

Step 8: The Finished Nightlights

turtle:4 days before this inscrutable was published.

creeper:when the instructable was published.

fox:7/8/20-so far the figurine, still need to paint the base

crab: making

jellyfish:not yet

octopus: not yet

catfish:not yet

compass: not yet

palm tree: starting

deer:not yet

duck:not yet