Introduction: Origami Nunchaku

Hi !

Today i'm posting an instructable on making a 100% paper Nunchaku.

What you will need is :

  1. Lots of A4 papers.(used or unused , doesn't matter)
  2. Tape
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Paper cutter\Craft blade
  6. Patience

Step 1: The Base

First we need an a4 paper to be rolled tightly from a corner of the paper.

It will need some practice to be done properly, but its fairly easily.

When it has been properly rolled, apply tape to hold it.

If done properly, it will look something like a paper stick.

Step 2: The Handle (part 1)

Take the stick from the previous step and place it on another a4 paper

Roll the paper on the stick with medium tightness and roll to the end.

Hold it so that it doesn't unroll.

Apply tape to keep it rolled.

take the stick out.

apply tape on the corners of the roll.

Step 3: The Handle (part 2)

Like we did with the stick, do the same here.

keep the roll in the core of another a4 paper.

tape the paper horizontally aligned with the roll. (it'll be easier to roll_)

roll the paper to the other end tightly with the 1st roll in the core.

tightly tape the ends of the roll.

seal all the edges, corners, etc. in place with tape.

this completes your first handle

make another handle...(-_-)

Step 4: Mini Sticks.

take an a4 paper. fold it in half like shown

cut/tear the paper.

make squares out of the paper.

roll the squares and apply tape to make sticks.

you will have 2 sticks

Step 5: Rings of the Handles.

flatten the mini sticks of step 4

fold it along your index finger and make an 'u' as shown

twist the ends of the 'u' and apply glue. it'll look like a corkscrew.

insert the "corkscrew" into a handle and let it dry

apply glue on the base of the protruding ring of the handle to fix it .

Let it dry

do the same on the second handle too.

Step 6: Ring Sticks

take an a4 paper. cut in half as shown.

fold the paper to make squares.

cut the squares out.

make 9 such squares.

make sticks out of the squares.

so now we have 9 sticks for our Nunchaku chain

Step 7: The 1st Link of the Chain

flatten a stick of the previous step

fold the stick along the index and middle fingers

complete the ring and glue it in shape.

Step 8: Continuing the Chain

insert a flattened stick from step 6 as shown.

make a ring and tape/glue in shape.(do both for more firmness)

complete a chain of three links.(mini chain)

Make 2 of these

Step 9: Completing the Chain

take a handle

insert the flattened sticks in the handle ring and the mini chain( of step 8)

complete the ring making a complete chain of 6-7 links.

do the same till you complete the chain and add it to the handle.

Step 10: The End

Well... You have a paper nunchaku with you.

Hope you enjoyed it.

ps: I'm open to suggestions for improving my future instructables.

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