Introduction: Origami Project: How to Make a Paper Origami Giraffe

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If you have taken up an Origami Project then you should learn how to make a Paper Origami Giraffe. There are so many birds and animals that can be made with Origami technique of paper folding, but learning how to make an Origami Giraffe is very beneficial for preschool teachers as they can use it as a teaching aid for kids.Origami Projects are fun, easy and safe, all that an ideal kids craft should be.

This Origami Giraffe is an awesome Kid's Craft idea that you can make along with them. The handmade printed paper gives the Origami Giraffe an extremely realistic look and feel. The Origami Giraffe is a very unique paper craft idea.

Come lets have a look at how to make a paper Origami Giraffe.

Step 1: Material Required!

The charm and special feature about Origami Crafts is that they do not call for any special kind of Craft requirements. To make the Origami Giraffe you need

Colored paper

Sketch pen




Step 2: Prep the Paper

Begin by drawing the textured giraffe skin look alike with the help of sketch pen on the colored paper.

Once the sheet is ready fold the paper to get cross crease on the paper.

Step 3: Fold the Paper.

Take the colored sheet facing upwards and fold the paper to make the crease that divide the paper in 4 equal parts.

Watch the Complete step by step paper folding techniques used to make the paper Giraffe.

Step 4: Shape the Giraffe!

Give the neck and legs of the giraffe a little twist in the end to help it stand firmly.

Step 5: Origami Giraffe Is Ready!

Look how amazing does this Origami Giraffe look! All you need to do is learn how to fold paper using Origami Art. There is no need to run and buy expensive craft supplies as Origami Crafts require nothing else but a piece of paper.You can create amazing Origami paper birds and animals using this Origami Art and have your kids engaged in a fun art and craft activity.

Make this Origami Giraffe and add it to your paper animals and bird collections.

Step 6: