Introduction: Origami Rose Ferrero Rocher Gift-Favors

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When I was in my teens, I was fascinated with origami and I loved flowers. So naturally I learnt how to fold paper into flowers. Plus, Japanese paper folding was cool. Soon I learnt the tedious Kawasaki Rose, and when Valentines' day rolled around, I discovered a very cool use for these origami roses:) These Origami Roses made from A4 sized square paper were the perfect size to hold 1 single Ferrero Rocher. To my delight, all my friends were fascinated by them and loved the novelty.

So, today, I'll share my secret with you... Who knows, it might already be widely known.... Do let me know, hahaha! I'm often impervious to these things -_-III

Step 1: Materials

1. A4 Paper, have fun with the colors

2. Ferrero Rocher

3. Your hands

4. A spot of time

Step 2: Prepping the Paper

Start with an A4 paper

Fold one corner diagonally down across to get a big square

Fold the rectangle where the square ends

Cut off the rectangle

You should have 1 big square and 1 long rectangle

Step 3: Pre-Creasing #1

Fold the square into half and unfold

Turn it around and repeat

You should get a big cross down the middle

Next, fold the bottom to match the middle line

Fold the top to match the middle line, unfold both

Turn it around, repeat for this side too

You should get a 4x4 grid

Step 4: Pre-Creasing #2

Fold down a triangle in the 4 corner squares of the paper

Fold the bottom up to match the second line from the top, unfold

Repeat for all 4 sides

Turn the paper to the other side, hiding the triangle folds from sight

Pinch the middle line and fold it up to the line right above the middle

Crease only the 2 middle squares

Fold it the other direction and crease the 2 squares on the other side

Unfold and repeat for the other side

You should have created a mini tick tac toe grid in the middle

Step 5: Pre-Creasing #3

Fold the left side of the paper to meet the right and crease to form a small diagonal line


Fold the right side of the paper to meet the left side and crease to form a small diagonal line


You should have a created a small V in the top 2nd and 3rd square at the top of the paper

Repeat for the 4 sides

When you turn the paper, all the Vs should be on your right hand side

Step 6: Pre-Creasing #4

Turn the paper around hiding the corner triangle folds form view

Fold the left side of the paper across to the right side creating a crease across the middle top 4 squares


Repeat for all 4 sides

Step 7: Pre-Creasing #5

Locate the small V you made previously

Next to it on the right hand bottom corner should be and inverted triangle

Fold it up to create a horizontal line across


Repeat for all the sides

Step 8: Pre-Creasing #7 LAST!!!

Place the square so it looks like a diamond

Fold the bottom to the top creating a diagonal fold


Repeat for the other side

Fold the bottom up to the point of the top triangle fold

Crease only the left side to the middle point


Repeat for all sides

You should have something resembling a windmill

You have now completed all the Pre-creasing!!!


Step 9: Folding #1

Begin folding on the side where you can see the triangle folds

Place it on the diamond

Pinch up all the diagonal lines

Flatten the small square table in the middle and push the straight line down in the middle

The folded square in the middle should have caused two flaps to appears on each side

Push one to the right and one to the left

Fold down the top flap on both side and flatten it out

Step 10: Folding #2

Turn it to the other side where the are 4 folds converging in the middle

Where the flap is towards the right side, put your middle and ring finger under it and your thumb between the fold on top

Using your middle and ring finger, rush/pop the flap up to form an L shape block, 2 squares wide and 3 square long

Do the same for all sides

You should have a windmill form that sits

Step 11: Folding #3

Locate the small V at the base of the end of the windmill, it should be on the short side

Pinch the V to the left side to form a small triangle, hold that and turn to the other side of the paper

Fold the triangle back up

Repeat for all 4 sides

It is okay of a bit of it unravels, you just need to give the paper a bit of memory and to shape it

Step 12: Folding #4

(I've marked the tip of the triangle so you can see better here)

Next locate the trapezium next to the triangle

Fold it along the diagonal crease line so it forms the base of the trapezium

Make sure the trapezium is under the flap on the left

Fold the base inner corner of said flap inwards so that it forms a tiny triangle that hugs the trapezium

Do the same for all the 4 sides

Step 13: Folding #5

You might need to use all your fingers for this, alternatively, you can use paper clips to hold the foots in place

when you are folding the 4 sides, the paper should start curling into itself

use your hand to cup it for a better hold

You should have 4 pointy foots now

Step 14: Folding #6

Fold down each of the pointy foots along the vertical side of the right angle triangle and should have what looks like how you would fold your average carton box

Tuck the last one under the first one and your rose origami is complete

This is the base

The top looks like a spiral

Step 15: Folding #7 LAST!!!

Now it's time to shape the petals of your rose

Start by gently folding out the small outer petals, you will not need to crease anything as they will hold itself

Do the same for all 4 sides

Then start to gently fold down the big petals that converge into the center

Your need to do this delicately as too much force will tear the petals at the corners

Do the same for all the 4 big petals

Finally you have completed the origami kawasaki rose!!!

Step 16: Filling It With Chocolate!!!

Open up the base of the rose and put in the Ferrero Rocher

Fold the rose box close again

Your are done!!!

Step 17: Experimenting With the Paper

You can try different types of colored paper or kinds of paper

If you use a diagonally blocked paper, you will get this effect

If you pick out the lines on the pink paper, They are the edges of the petals, so you can mark them before hand

Try other patterns of paper, customize them to suit your event or theme

Step 18: My Experimentations!!!

I wanted to see how different they can be, so i used a myriad of different colors and textures of paper, pens to draw them

I wanted to see if I could create luxurious looking ones, so I gold-foiled them, nasty things gold foil... Get them all over my fingers...

But the overall effect looks good and they match the Gold foil of the Ferrero Rocher!!!

Step 19: Final Product

So, give them a try, watch people'reaction as they discover the tasty little morsels inside them. They make for a great surprise and talking point, I guarantee it.

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