Introduction: Origami Fun (:

About: I love trying to make little nik-nacs lol projects like these are always fun in my eyes! :) I have an amazing fiancée an love him to death!

origami spike balls! very fun and easy to do! great for family made Christmas ordainments or just have a fun family weekend :)

Step 1: Materials! :)

you will need: - 12 (or 30 if you're feeling dangerous lol) square pieces of paper (this doesn't work with rectangular pieces, you can use sticky notes if you would like, also you can use how many ever colors you would like. ill be using green and pink!) - flat surface - a little time

Step 2: Begin Folding! :)

what you want to do is fold one of the squares into 4 long rectangular strips(: you will eventually do this with all the squares you have wether you use the same color or different ones :)

Step 3: More Folding! :)

make sure before you start this step that you have the rectangles in the square horizontal! after you have done that take the top left hand corner and fold it down to make a triangle, but DO NOT fold over the rectangle! after this turn the square until the triangle you made is in the bottom right hand corner (make sure the rectangles stay horizontal). then just go back to the top left hand corner then fold another triangle!

Step 4: More Folding! :)

like in the last step make sure the rectangles are horizontal! also like in the last step we will be at the top left hand corner. take the tip of the one triangle and fold it down to make a long fat triangle. (and again do not cross over the rectangle. it's alright if a little of the other triangle sticks out of the bottom). and again like in the last step make the corner we just folded go to the lower right hand corner. then go back to the top left and repeat the fold :)

Step 5: More Folding! :)

like in the past 3 steps make sure the rectangles are horizontal. now we're going to take the top rectangle and bottom rectangle and fold them over top of the other two rectangles. when you have done this it will look like an envelope :)

Step 6: More Folding! :)

as always keep the rectangles horizontal :) keeping the paper square in envelope form, take the bottom left hand corner and bring it up to the middle of the paper. next rotate the paper until the folded corner is on the opposite side then again take the left hand corner and fold it up to the middle. when done folding this part it will look like a diamond :)

Step 7: Tucking! :)

keeping the diamond on it's side take the triangle sticking up and stick under the flap and the top. rotate the diamond and do the same with the other triangle!

Step 8: More Folding! :)

keeping the diamond on its side take the left hand side and fold the diamond in half making a little "crown" as I like to call it :)

Step 9: More Folding! :)

while keeping the "crown" facing up take the triangle and fold it backwards to make a smaller triangle. then flip the "crown" over and do the same fold again :) when done it will look like a zig zag :)

Step 10: Putting Together! :)

after you have folded all the pieces of paper the same then start tucking the edges of the zig zag to make the spike ball :) it may be a little difficult at first but keep trying and you will get it! and that's it to making an origami spike ball! :) hope you have enjoyed!

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