Introduction: Playing With the Fortune Teller! :)

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I'm going to show you how to play with a origami fortune teller :)

Step 1: Writing :)

after you get done making the fortune tell you have to write the fortunes on it and a little bit of other things. on the out side flaps you stick your fingers in you write numbers or names or colors or etc. for the inside flaps you have to write numbers, then on the very inside flapps you have to write sayings and stuff like that:) ex: in 3 years you will become rich. or you will have 1 kid. etc :)

Step 2: Playing :)

after you have written everything you would like, then you must put the fortune teller back to the way you folded it :) (this will and should be very easy) after you have what ever 4 fingers in the flaps you want then have some one choose what ever you have on the top flaps. ex: green you would then open the to triangles to get her and say G and then open the flaps the other way and say R and so on and so forth until you have spelled out green (: after that whatever number way you stay landed on is the numbers you pick from ex: 3 you would open and close the flaps like you did when spelling green out except you will be counting this time:) whatever number get chosen that's how many times you open the flaps :) you will land in a new set of numbers pick again :) ex: 6 so then you would read what you wrote under neath the flap number 6 ex: you will marry a very handsome prince! And that is how you play with a origami fortune teller! :)

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