Introduction: Ouran High School Host Club Bereznoff Hand Puppet!

Mine isn't the best compared to the Nekozawa picture, but you could always alter this a bit if you want!

You will need:
Fabric. 1/2 Yard of main body fabric (you should have extra) 
You will NEED black, white, and pink fabric for the eyes, and mouth.
Sewing Machine and thread.
Construction Paper or something similar to make Patterns.

My hand puppet was a little small so if you decide to use my patter make it large depending on how big your hand is.

First you will want to make a pattern like in the first picture. You will want to make sure your hand is able to fit, but not the way my picture shows. You will want quite a bit more room so that your hand will fit in super easily once it is sewn and completed.
Cut them out after printed or drawn.

After that pattern is made you have to make the patterns for the eyes, pupils, mouth 3 shape (it's almost like a mustache) and the pink bit of the mouth.
Cut out the patterns.

Step 1: Cut Fabric Out Using Patterns.

Sorry if the pictures are blurry I was using my Cell Phone Camera.

Cut 2 pieces of the mainbody fabric.
You will want to cut out 2 White eyes, and 2 black pupils.
Cut one of the mouth 3 shapes in black, and one of the pink bits out of pink fabric. (obvious right?).

PIN the Mainbody pattern pieces onto the fabric, place the pieces so the end where your hand goes in is on the selvage*.
You want to do this so you won't have to hem the open end.
*The Selvage is the end of the fabric that is woven or not able to be frayed. 

Pin the pattern pieces onto the fabric and then cut around them.

Step 2: Constructing the Face!

Take one of the mainbody pieces to attach the face to.

Take one of the white eyes and one of the black pupils and place them onto the fabric. Try to make it proportionate.
Take the other two and create the other eye. PIN the pieces onto the fabric and then sew around the edges. I sewed around the pupil first, then around the edge of the white eye. Do this to both eyes.
Next place the pink mouth piece onto the fabric under where the eyes are.
Take the black 3 mouth piece and place it over the top edge of the pink mouth.
PIN down and then sew the black piece onto the fabric.
Sew the pink piece onto the fabric.

Step 3: Sew Around the Edge of the Puppet to Complete It!

Put the wrong sides together of the Main body pieces.
PIN the pieces together.
Sew a 5/8" straight stitch around the edge of the fabric.
To make it less likely to fray you can sew a zigzag in the seam allowance.
FLIP the puppet inside out to finish the puppet.

Try on the puppet and You should be DONE!!!

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