Introduction: Outdoor Shower for Your Dog

Hello everyone!

In this instructable, I am making an outdoor shower for my dog.

I have struggled at times when it was shower time. My dog is pretty good when she needs a shower. If the water stops for a split second though, she is ready to walk away. Making this shower helps free up both hands and pretty much wet her entire body at one time.

If this seems like something you'd like to make, follow the steps I took to make this shower. Be sure to check out the video for more details. No glue was used for this; it’s all dry fit. This way you can break it down and store it.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts for my dog wash

42.5 W X 33.5 H X 33.5 W

(8) three-way elbow

(1) 3/4-hose swivel adapter

(1) 3/4-45 elbow

(1) hose cut off

(3) 3/4-tee

(5) 10-foot PVC

- 8 cut to 31 inches

- 3 cut to 40 inches

- 1 cut to 39.5 inches

- 1 cut to 36.5 inches

- 1 cut to 2.25 inches

(1) cut to 1.75 inches PVC Cutter

Step 2: Assembling the Form

For this step you need

- (8) 3-way elbow

- (8) PVC pipes cut to 31 inches

- (1) PVC Pipe cut to 36.5 inches (this piece will take the hose adapter)

- (2) PVC pipes cut to 40 inches

The pictures are self-explanatory.

Step 3: Attaching the Water Inlet

1. Insert your 2.25-inch cut PVC into the 3-way elbow.

2. Add the 3/4-inch tee.

3. Add the 1.75-inch cut PVC, facing up.

4. install the 45 elbow.

5. Add the swivel hose adapter.

6. Last, add the hose adapter.

Step 4: Adding the Middle Water Dispenser


- (1) PVC pipes cut to 40 inches

- (2) 3/4-inch tee

Mark, cut and install this pipe in the top. Place it in the center.

Step 5: Making the Water Dispenser Holes

I used a chalk line to make a straight line on the pipes.

To mark where the holes are going, I went three inches from the ends. Then I made my first mark. From the first mark, I made every mark two-inches apart.

Step 6: Drilling Holes

I used a small drill bit to make the holes. I have a drill press, so I made a quick jig to hold the pipes as I drilled.

You can use a hand drill, however all your holes may not be as straight. For the use of this rig, it's not too critical for the holes to be perfectly straight.

Step 7: Testing

Hook up the water hose and turn it on.

Since the pipes are not glued, it make it easy to swivel and aim the dispenser where you prefer.

If there is any leak, make sure the joints are tight.

Step 8: Using It

This worked as I envisioned it.

1. Turn on water and wet your pet

2. Turn off the water. Then soap and wash.

3. Turn the water back on when it is time to rinse

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