Introduction: Overnight Protein Pudding

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Hi friends! It's Filippo from Italy :)

I have a quite active lifestyle and food is extremely important to me.

I'm not a fitness MANIAC, but a fitness afictionado for sure! For everyone who do several hours of sports during the week, having a high and healthy amount energy is fundamental, but sometimes can be difficult.

The morning hours are particulary crucial, because starting on low energy can ruin all the rest of the day.

In this ludicrous easy guide, we will prepare togheter the Overnight Protein Pudding, maybe the most efficient breakfast I have ever found in years.

It's packed with all the nutrients you need and an high amount of calories (more than 600kcal) without having to chug a lot of food, unnecessarily burdening morning digestion.

Being an overnight recipe makes it ready just as we wake up. Isn't it lovely? :)

And, a big plus, it's also super yummy.

Because healthy does not mean tasteless!

Step 1: Ingredients List

You nedd:

  • a jar or similar container
  • 100gr of natural oats
  • 125gr of greek yoghurt
  • 150ml of milk
  • 30gr of protein mix
  • honey
  • peanut butter

Protein mix: high quality protein mixes are something great to start the day with. They are full of proteins from different sources and taste fantastic! While breakfasts are usually carbo-only based meals, these mixes can help you to complete the nutritional profile of your morning snack. Mine are usually chocolate flavoured, but you can find them in sport stores in a wide range of flavours. If you don't want or don't like protein mixes, you can use low sugar cocoa powder instead, but the nutritional value of our pudding will be less complete.

Peanut butter: a classic, I suggest organic one withour palm oil. My choice is a crhuncy version that add a great texture to my pudding.

Greek yoghurt: this quality of yoghurt usually has a better nutritional value than standard one, and it's a lot thicker! Perfect for an overnight pudding.

Step 2: Mix It Up

As I said in the intro, it's really easy.

Pour oats, protein mix (or cocoa powder), a big spoon of peanut butter, greek yoghurt and milk in the jar, and stir everything with a long spoon.

You will obtain a dense and brownish mix.

After this, add a little spoon of honey for a bit of sweetness.

You can leave the honey on top to obtain a crunchy topping in the morning, or stir everything.

Step 3: Put It in the Fridge and Enjoy

Before going to bed, put you jar of goodness inside the fridge.

You are done. There's literally nothing else to do!

Wake up, yawn, scratch your belly, and enjoy a super nutritional breakfast that you have prepared in minutes the night before!

Easy, isnt'it? :)


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