Introduction: DIY: Own Designed Lunch Bag Prototype

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*Hot Glue Gun and Glue Tubes ( A LOT );

*Old shirt ( or any other kind of tissue you may want to use );

* MIT Crotch Straps;


*Zippers ( I used two 60cm zippers ).

These are the materials you're gonna need to make your own lunch bag. You can get them normally in any normal stores. I got the Crotch straps and the Hot glue gun at a Chinese shop.

I'm a Design student, and I had to build something of my own design as a final project for school, so I drew and made this lunch bag prototype.

Step 1: Making the Puzzle Pieces

So, for the start, you have to cut all the sides of your lunch bag first. I cut 3 equal pieces of each sides and glued them together, to give them more resistance and stability. When gluing, make it quick before it gets cold, or else you won't be able to put them together, and eventually you'll have to take it all off, or make another piece.

Step 2: Adding the Tissue

Once you have all the pieces done and ready to " get dressed ", You'll have to get your old shirt ( or any other type of tissue you wish to use ), wrap up the pieces and cut the tissue with your scissors. Then, all you have to do, is to use the hot glue gun and put them together. You will need to be careful on this step, because once you glue it to the tissue, it will hardly come out, so try not to do any mistake. And also, you'll have to make pressure, but not to much, or else, the glue will come out from the tissue's opposite side and you might ruin it, or burn yourself!

Step 3: Putting Things Together

Now, grab your hot glue gun again ( told you, you would need " A LOT " ). It's time to put our pieces together!! If you're building one like this one, please, NOTICE THAT THE BAGS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE GLUED TOGETHER!!!

Step 4: Applying Zippers

The next step will be applying the zippers! You have to be EXTREMELY careful here, and try to get each halves of the zippers at the same size when you finish gluing them. Be careful to not let the glue get on the " train track ", or else, your zip won't work. Also, leave the borders unglued so you can open it more freely and don't get stuck.

Note: The two last pictures are an example of how you have to apply them, in case you don't know how they work.

Step 5: Doing the Handles

As you may have noticed on the first images, I used belts to hang the lunch bag.

To make the handles, you'll have to cut a few cardboard trips ( I cut 3 for each one of them and put them together ), wrap them up and glue them with some tissue, then apply some glue on the tips, to put them on the bags. Make sure to make them big enough so your belt can get through.

Step 6: Adding MTI Straps Crotch

Now, for this step, you'll have to get a few " mti straps crotch ", cut the rope in half ( this will depend on the dimensions of your lunch bag, and also on the ones straps crotch you have ). The smaller they are, the better. and apply them on the right, and left side of each one of your bags. Notice that the " deadlock " must be on a separated bag from the " key " (last picture ).

Step 7: Done!

And there you have! A very nice, new lunch bag.

I had a lot of fun doing this school project, because it allowed me to improve in DIY kind of stuffs xDD, I hope you guys have fun too!!

Please notice this is a school project, and was not made with professional materials on purpose, as it is only a mere prototype.

Thank you all! :D

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