Introduction: POOP SCOOP

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Having a pet is always beneficiary as it reduces stress and a feeling of being alone. It also teaches us values of responsibilities, companionship, caring for someone other than our self.

But, poop disposal isn't one of the most pleasant job of being a pet parent, but it is an important and necessary one.

So, here I designed a handy and compressible poop scoop which can be built for $0.7 only for all our pet owners.

This Instructable is to simplify your living with your pets.

Let's hope you enjoy it and let's begin!

Step 1: Why Poop Disposal Is That Much Important?

There are mainly 3 reasons which I can recall, due to which it is necessary to pick up your pets poop.

  • Most of the pet's poop is not a fertilizer: High level of nitrogen burns the grass instead of acting as a fertilizer for a lawn.
  • Pet's poop is a major contribution to the water pollution: When dissolved in water, nutrients in the feces breed algae and other vegetation that create scum, choke off beneficial plant life and create toxic conditions for fish and humans.
  • Dog feces spread diseases: Pet's feces is a common carrier of bacteria and parasites that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, can cause illness in humans and other animals.

Step 2: Design

Complete Product is designed in Solidworks while keeping all the parameters for additive manufacturing in mind and can be printed as a single part.

Step 3: 3D Printing

I printed this as a single part, and it turns out to be perfect but if someone's printer will not be able to print it due to any reason, then I am also attaching the .stl files for each individual part so that you can just assemble it by applying some pressure.

My FDM 3D Printer Settings:

  • Material (PLA)
  • Layer Height (0.2mm)
  • Shell Thickness (1.2mm)
  • Fill Density (20%)
  • Print Speed (60mm/s)
  • Nozzle Temp (210°C)
  • Support Type (Everywhere)
  • Platform Adhesion Type (Brim)

You can download all the files that are used in this project -

Step 4: What Components We Need?

We only require few things to make it work:

  • 3D Printed Scoop
  • Rubber Band
  • Biodegradable Polybags'

Step 5: Assembly

To assemble, we will need following parts:

  • 1x 3D Printed Scoop
  • 1x Rubber Band
  • 1x Biodegradable Polybags'

As described in the images, insert the biodegradable poly bag on the back side of the scoop and fix it using a rubber band. Simple!!

Step 6: How to Use:

You are done with your poop scoop, compress it by unscrewing it and expand it when to be used for a better grip.

You can also insert the poly bag in the poop scoop cavity from behind and can pull it out whenever it is required.

Step 7: And We're DONE !!

You're finally done! Here's how the final product should look and work like.

Step 8: Add-On: Can Also Be Used As a Fish Scoop

It was not a prior thought but after compiling this instructable, I felt like this can be also be used by all fish tank owners as fishes are also considered as the pets. But yes of-course, it is not a poop scoop in that case :D.

This can be used for scooping the fishes out while cleaning the tank.

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Really much appreciated! I hope you guys enjoyed the project!

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