Introduction: PVC Humane Capture Release Squirrel Trap

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Here is a Simple PVC Squirrel Trap that is Humane and is a Capture and Release type of trap. It operates on balance and the weight of the squirrel simply upsets the balance and trips the door down. No heavy springs or latches to set. Just lift the door onto the pin and that's it! Many people have problems with squirrels and need to relocate them. This trap works very well for doing just that. But first check with your local authorities to find out if squirrel relocation is an option in your area. You also need to be a responsible person with this trap and check the trap every few hours. The squirrels I captured were my friendly neighbourhood squirrels and were re-released back into my yard and were willing volunteers to test out and refine my trap. I owe them. They've been getting extra snacks lately.

Step 1: Here's How It Works and How I Made It.

Just click on the video and have a quick peek!! That way you'll understand how it works and how it's constructed.

Step 2: Watch the Update!

Click on the UPDATE video!! I made a few improvements to make it work even better!

Step 3: 4" PVC Pipe

You'll need 24" of 4" PVC pipe for the main body.

Step 4: The Pivot Sleeve

Now cut another piece of 4" PVC pipe, 4" long. Mark and cut out 1/4 of the pipe off the side of the pipe with a hack saw. In the video you will see that I used a 4" coupler but in the update video I use a piece of PVC pipe which works much better and is cheaper.

Step 5: Fulcrum

Now attach a piece of 1/2" PVC pipe to the sleeve. This completes the fulcrum.

Step 6: Snap It On

The sleeve will now easily snap onto the body. It can be slid back and forth to play with and get the balance adjustment just right. It's fun to play with and experiment to make it sensitive or not.

Step 7: The End Cap

Push the 4" PVC cap onto the pipe

Tip: Just use a few dabs of silicone to hold it on. If you use PVC glue, you won't be able to get it apart. If you use silicone, you can tap it apart if you have to.

Step 8: The Door

Buy a Betty Crocker pizza pan or the like at the dollar store. This is an easy and cheap way to get your hands on a piece of sheet metal to use for the door.

Step 9: Door Hinge

I used a bi-fold door hinge. A "T" hinge also works well. I used silicone to adhere it to the piece of sheet metal and a large gear clamp to attach it to the pipe.

Step 10: Small Blocks

Attach small blocks to the base leaving a small amount of play between the 1/2" PVC pipe and the blocks so it can pivot freely.

Step 11: Door Block and Pin

Once you adjust the balance you can go ahead and attach the block to the front leaving a small bit of space between it and the door. Use a piece of coat hanger and pliers to bend it to make the pin to hold the door up. The slot in it makes it easy to adjust and play with to get it just right.

Step 12: The Bait

I have found peanuts in the shell is the cleanest and easiest to use and the squirrels seem to love it but use whatever you want. Place 2 peanuts at the back of the trap and one at the door to entice them and get their attention.

Tip: Make sure the one peanut is under the door. Blue jays and cardinals like peanuts too and can see them from the air. Under the door it is out of sight.

Step 13: Release

Releasing them is easy. Just tilt it back and pull the door up with your finger and wait. Sometimes they take off out of there like a shot and sometimes they wait before making their move!

Step 14: How Can Anyone Hurt These Furry Little Guys!!

The best way I found to get the balance just right is to use a regular small plastic water bottle and fill it with enough water to make it look like the same volume as the main part of the squirrels body in your area. The tail weighs very little so don't worry about it. Then use this bottle to sit on top of the trap at different spots to simulate the weight of the squirrel in the trap. Now go ahead and play with all the adjustments on the trap. Make sure the door is always up when using the fake squirrel weight. Good luck and happy trapping.

I have many more interesting humane traps I have invented. Visit my channel to check them out here!

Thanks for watching my instructable!

See you next time!

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