Introduction: This Is Why You Should Never Smoke!!

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A fantastic video to show adults, students and kids about the hazards of smoking and why you shouldn't smoke! Perfect for teachers, educators, resource teachers, no smoking curriculum, physical education departments, health departments, and health care workers. It's difficult to get the point across to adults and kids but this video hits the mark about the consequences of smoking cigarettes in a very visual way! The music is upbeat and keeps viewers engaged. The video is the perfect length to keep the viewer's attention and with interesting short scenes the point is driven home.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Take a moment and click on the video above to watch.

Step 2: A Simple Eye Catching Set-up

It's an interesting little experiment on the effects of smoking. I made the apparatus myself and kept it eye catching which grabs the attention of young and old alike!

Step 3: Cotton Balls Instead of Lungs

Your Lungs are like giant sponges so I used cotton balls to mimic them and filter the smoke. This keeps it simple and basic for anyone to understand.

Step 4: The Cigarettes

The average smoker smokes 1 pack a day. (Google search)

There are 20 cigarettes in one pack.

30 packs a month = 600 cigarettes that my smoking machine had to smoke!!

Step 5: The Machine Smokes Them All.

Each scene is eye catching and keeps children, kids, teenagers, students and adults full attention the length of the video.

Step 6: The Butts

A running visual tally of the cigarette butts is kept throughout the video as another eye catcher.

Step 7: The Change Becomes Obvious

Smoking 600 cigarettes takes quite a while. Most of the scenes are sped up and time lapsed to keep everyone's interest. It becomes quite obvious that the colour of the cotton is changing!

Step 8: The Results

The results are dramatic.

Step 9: Cotton Balls and Tubes Exposed.

Jaw dropping end results! The accumulation in the cotton is like day and night. When the liquid inside the tube is exposed, you realize this could be accumulating in your body if you smoke!!

Step 10: Did You Miss the Video?

Want to show your class this video? Just search Google or You Tube for Smoking 30 Packs or search Chris Notap.

As of publishing this Instructable the views were at 4 million in just over a week on You Tube! It is definitely striking a cord with many people.

A bit about me. I am Chris Notap a creator on You Tube and the maker of this video.

I make interesting "how to" videos and I do some corny experiments and testing.

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Thanks for watching my instructable!

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