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I've often just slapped some cardboard over my two saw horses out in the back yard to do my spray painting. Which to be honest is a bit unprofessional and potentially dangerous to surrounding objects like cars, buildings etc. from drifting paint spray. Oh I've been careful to be as far away from those objects but It occurred to me that with all the card board I haver I could easily create a folding collapsable spray booth. So I did, and then had my second idea for building a carousel to place objects on to rotate while painting thus avoiding handling when the paint is wet.

Step 1: Step 1: IDEA - 1!!!!

I penciled out and then fleshed out my idea in Tinker cad and then drew a schematic to share. (See schematic) Materials I used: Large sheet of card board or and existing box, Box cutter/Xacto knife, Duct or Gorilla Tape, Velcro.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut and Sand All Pieces.

Using and existing box that was really no longer needer. I cut out one full side and end of the box. I then cut the bottom (which will actually be the top) to where there will be foldable overlap about 2" to 4" (See schematic). With the basic shape cut apart it will be necessary to score the folds. Taking an xacto knife or box cutter Cut along the fold but not all the way through.
Then fold over to a closed position. While in the folded closed position run a strip of duct or gorilla tape the length of the fold. It end up puckering when opened back up but thats ok. This is just to give it strength for when opening and folding. Repeat on the opposite side with it open. Again for added support. I then added the velcro squares as shown. These both help keep the box folded an stable when closed. I still use my saw horses, but on the sheet I put down for the base I positioned velcro squares again to keep booth in position while sitting on top of the saw horses. (Note: you may have to clamp down the base sheet of cardboard if there is any kind of breeze. But if it is windy you shouldn't be painting anyway)

Step 3: Step 3: IDEA - 2!!!!

I try to reuse scraps as much as possible. And something else my company throws away are these packing tube rings and cap boards from cylinders we receive containing printing products. These inspired my carousel idea. I devised using some smaller left 2"x4"s for the base. Then worked out mounting it all together. (See pics) Materials Used: Scraps from work and in shop, Wood Glue, 1/2" diameter 3" long hex bolt, 2 - 1/2" washers.

Step 4: Step 4: Cut and Assemble Carousel.

Cutting the 2"x4"s down to the width of the gypsum board circles I had. Then notched out each one to nest together forming a cross. I drilled a half inch hole into the base cross section. Then I screwed my bolt into it first before adding the round part. (This helped create the threading in the hole for later assembly) Next I took one packing ring, and two of the gypsum circles and wood glued them together clamping and let them set for at least a couple hours. Once dry and set I insert the bolt adding a washer both top and bottom (between the assembled circle an the cross base) This allows the circle to spin freely.
(Option: you'll notice that the bolt being above may be a problem with trying to paint certain items. Not wanting or able to sit flat because of the bolt. You can solve this problem by cutting out to size another circle of cardboard to lay on top but cutting out the hex of the nut so it'll be flush or recessed in the cardboard. Just depends how annoying it is for you)

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    Nice. What I really like about this design is that you can turn it around to get the other sides without having to wait or the first side to dry because you don't need to touch it.


    4 years ago

    I like this idea, I don't really have a place to paint things so I end up in the backyard. And the garage, car, house are all in the potential over spray zone. I was thinking of using some curtains from old sheets but I like this a lot better. And the lazy susan is an added bonus. Good job!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, its helped me out considerably on smaller spray painting projects.