Introduction: Paint Mix Station

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Hi Gang:

I got tired of finding the mixer bit and a drill motor every time I wanted to mix some paint, SO:

I picked an older drill motor and cut a piece of PVC pipe as a holster. Mounted the pipe to the end of a bench where I kept most of the paint. I use a peg board hook for a mixer, nothing fancy but it works and was quick. Plus it is cheap to replace.

My Father made one years ago. He was a master carver so he carved a propeller and mounted it to a shaft. To his surprise the propeller pumped all the paint out of the can and onto the ceiling in a second.

The peg board hook doesn't do this.

Step 1: Storage Holster

Here is the drill motor in the holster. Nothing fancy, the PVC pipe has a wood bottom so paint doesn't drip on the floor.

Step 2: Using Your Mixer

So not a hard project, but it sure is nice to always be ready to mix paint.

Good Luck, be careful and have fun.