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Introduction: Paint Organized With Lids

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By repurposing lids as mini paint trays...

you can isolate your paints from each other in their own lids, helping you stay organized without taking up extra room.

you can also utilize the side walls of the lid to help mix paints together without spreading it around.

you can even save money by not having to buy paint trays by instead just keeping the ones you get from your drinks.

you can help save the planet by repurposing plastics and metals.

And it doesn't have to be a drink lid either. Repurpose the lid to that old plastic storage container. Repurpose the lid to the butter. Paint trays can be found all around you.

I use them for painting miniatures for tabletop gaming, as well as other detail paint work.

Step 1:

The red lid is a peanut butter jar lid.

The 4 small lids are from Mello Yello bottles.

The large black lid is from a bottle of tea.

Paint I used is acrylic.

Interchangeable lids of the same shape helps keep you organized while you paint.

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    4 years ago


    Have been doing this for decades, when my ready-made palettes all need a wash, although I prefer white lids as they better show the color (and I remove the ring that goes inside the threads, as that is a nuisance that makes the usable area smaller).


    "you can help save the planet by repurposing plastics and metals."

    A bold but not entirely correct statement, unless you keep them out of the dumpster forever.

    The plastic palettes with hemispheric "dimples" are very easy to clean and reuse, I have some that are more than 30 years, so their impact on our planet is way below the impact of bottle lids. Lids with all their nooks and crannies are hard work to clean, so I mostly consider those one-shots. When painting miniatures, my left thumb nail is my preferred palette though :)


    Have a nice day :)