Introduction: Paint Sample Up-cycle: Banner

This DIY was inspired by a few parties I helped organize recently. We tried to create less waste and use scrap materials and up-cycled things for decorations. In this instructable, you'll make a colorful banner that spells anything!

Things you’ll need:

  • Old paint samples
  • Scissors and/or an X-acto knife
  • Some string

I had a bunch of Green tones left over from deciding on a color for our outside shed.

Step 1: Cutting Out Letters

Grab your samples and scissors. Decide on what you want to write and select a paint sample for each letter. You can use a print-out stencil if you want to follow a specific font, I just free-handed it. Cut out each letter, try not to use the parts of the sample that have writings on it for a better effect.

Step 2: Making Holes for the String

Use the X-acto knife to cut out the insides of letters such as A, O, D, etc. Then make two small holes at the top of each letter, as far apart as possible. It's important to make two holes for your letters to hang nicely once you've put the string through them. One hole definitely doesn't cut it. You can make the holes using the tip of an X-acto knife, tip of the scissors, a pen, a hole puncher, anything sharp really. Make them big enough to fit the string you planned on using. I have found that even big holes don't take away from the aesthetic of the banner.

Step 3: Stringing Up the Letters

Grab your string! Order your letters, keeping the first letter of the first word at the top. The first word I was spelling was 'good' so I started with the G, then the Os, then the D. pass the string through the front of the letter into the first hole and from the back of the letter through the second hole so that the string is somewhat hidden behind the letter. I have used thicker string in the past and this is important. In this example, I used sewing thread so it's pretty invisible regardless.

Step 4: Hanging Your Banner

Once all your letters are on the string, cut the string longer than what you think you'll need to help with hanging. Hang your banner preferably against a wall so people won't see the sample writing behind it! And enjoy!

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