Introduction: Paint Strainer Station

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Hi Gang:

Not being one to throw much out, I hate to miss out on some paint just because it has lumps. So I strain paint and varnish through old nylon stockings. ( Don't use new ones, you'll find out why. )

To make it easier I built this holder for the stocking and a paint can. The base is a scrap of plywood. Then a chunk of 2x4 to hold the PVC Pipe. I put a fancy curve on the pipe so I could watch the paint flow out of the stocking.

Step 1: Cut the Stocking

So take your old stocking and cut the foot out. Then you can also use the upper half, cut the pantie off and knot the open end. For finer straining, double up the stocking. For really big lumps you can use fish net stockings.

Step 2: Tie Up the Stocking

I put the stocking over the PVC pipe and use a rubber bungie to hold it in place.

Step 3: Ready to Go!

So once you have everything in place just pour the paint in the top through the stocking. Pour slowly so you don't overflow the stocking top. Then just watch the clean paint flow out and into your waiting can.

Enjoy and be careful.