Introduction: Painter Cat

This is a little cat thing, that you can gift to people or throw at people.


1. Fabric paint

2. Fabric

3. Stuff animal filling

4.Sewing needle and thread

Step 1: Cut

Cut out the body of the cat in one color. For the inside of the ears, nose, and tongue cut it out in a different color. Keep the paint brush a different color.

Step 2: Sew, Flip, Fill

Sew the cat's body. Don't sew it completely, leave a 2 inch hole. Flip it inside out. Fill with stuff animal filling. Sew up the hole afterwards

Step 3: Sew on Details

Sew on the limbs, two of the feet are sewn on the bottom. Sew on the tongue, inner ears, nose and tail. The tail should be sewn on the back and wrap around to the front.

Step 4: Paint

Paint the bristles of the paint brush shaped fabric. Paint the tip of the paint brush with a different color.

Step 5: Draw

Take your fabric paint and draw on the face first. Include eyes, mouth, and whiskers. After that add spatters of paint all over the cat.

Step 6: Last Part

Sewn the paint brush onto the cats front paws. You're done!

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